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 What Time is it?

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PostSubject: What Time is it?   Wed Oct 01, 2008 3:10 pm

Evil or Very Mad ::Prime Time comes to the ring with his manager Sam Mallone :: Twisted Evil

Prime Time: Hey guys! lol! Just wanted to let you all know that I have just signed up for D.U.W. ! What does this mean to you? Well.. I am the 20 time Japan title holder so I guess its not that good for everyone else. I will be the 20 time D.U.W. champion in 2 weeks.

Sam Mallone: You see Prime Time is a gangsta. I found him on the streets of compton and I promised him I would make him rich and make him a star. No more drugs , no more street violence.

Prime Time: shut up Sammy! I did it all on my own .. you just ridin my jock

Sam Mallone: You can call me masta

Prime Time: Anyways I am giving everyone here a chance right now to join my group.. Death Row.. if you want in then let me know.
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PostSubject: Re: What Time is it?   Sun Oct 05, 2008 1:27 am

D-ToX walks his way to the ring

Ladies and gentleman around the ring tonight, and the many people proudly watching the greatest wrestling event of all time on there TV screens, you are now witnessing the return of the

Opium of the people

The King of Torture

The international playboy

The master of the sick mind

And the ultimate DUW franchise

People invest in me because I provide a show that no motherfucker can compete with

I am D-ToX and I am back.

Now, I understand that DUW is on rocky ground and I donít care, if it dies, it dies.

But that is no excuse for me to ignore these two new boys,

Well mister primetime, itís nice to meet you, and your man Sam there, but

ďNo more drugs, no more street violenceĒ

Whereís the fun

Now there may come a time, real soon, that DUW dissolves, and il have to kick your ass on the street so donít rule it out, because I want competition, and when Iím done with you, you can skip death row, and head strait to the morgue.

You want people to join you, who are you, Iím not here to join you, Iím here to question you, but id hate to insult your intelligence by asking a question, instead you will need to prove yourself in the ring, and that isnít happening tonight, because this suits to expensive, now if we get back on track, DUW back on form, we will fight and we will see what happens.

Until then gangster, let the professionals fix the ship before you start wars with it.

Iíve tasted blood and I want more.

And if either of you two have a problem with anything I have said, step up, and voice it because I will listen, but be careful, because if it offends me, I will l introduce you to unlimited pain and suffering in this ring, my torture chamber.

So I ask you, any questions?
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What Time is it?
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