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 Your opinions PLEASE!

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PostSubject: Your opinions PLEASE!   Tue Sep 16, 2008 6:47 am

OK, so I am a wrestler on another fed named The Marine. Last week I won a title match to pick up my first ever title! YAY! But the other guy is complaining about how he should have won. I figure that this is a good topic to get opinions on, so where are the two RPs, please state which YOU think is better, and who should have won...

First, my opponent, Corey Rose RP...

Darkness. That is how we start. Nothing can be seen at first as we realize it is night time, and that dusk fell a long time ago. The camera then gains focus as we realize we are on a dark deserted street, probably showing that the time is much later than we originally anticipated. In the distance, neon lights can be seen, being recognized as being Los Angeles and in the far distance, sounds of people having fun can be heard as well. We hear a crack behind us, sounding like someone stepped on something plastic and it broke underneath the weight of their body. The camera spins a one eighty and we see a man standing there smoking a cigarette. His chin glows but his face can not be made out. The man stands there motionless, other than the odd times he raises the cig to his mouth again, once again lighting part of his face. He exagerates an exhale of the smoke.

Man: all starts there, doesn't it? The new path I have chosen to walk seems to have already been determined by my predecestors. But I am not one who follows the blazed path like many others easily comply to. BCW may have already been defined in the past, but with a new opening, always comes a new beginning. The non-talented fucks have gone about the way side, and it is time for you all to have a new champion step up.

The man takes another long drag from the cig again, this time leaning his head down a little further, almost as if he is playing a game.

Man: You may all think I am being rather cocky, since I have yet to wrestle a sanctioned match under the ownership that BCW possesses, but you might as well call me a fortune teller, because I am seeing the future before my eyes. For months I have sat back, training, preparing, quite simply tasting this very moment. The moment I would have my chance to blaze a new path, and while doing that, make my name famous amongst those who would be daring enough to call themselves legends of this business.

The man takes one final drag of the smoke, this time almost showing his entire face. He drops the cig to the ground, steps on it, and we see red hot cherries litter the ground for a moment before disappearing amongst the darkness once more.

Man: You might all be wondering why it is I won't show my face. Is it because I am some huge secret, or that I am scared to for fear of being mobbed? No, neither could be further from the truth. The reason I won't show it is because you all simply don't deserve to see it. I'll gladly tell you my name however, as it will soon be the name you are referring to when you say champion. The name, simply, is Corey Rose. I am this companies future, and soon enough, noone will be able to deny that fact. Soon enough, you all will bow down and pay me the respect I will soon deserve. I am the man that all the kids are gonna want to be like, I am the man that will define the word superstar in BCW. I intend to set the bar so high, that no matter how tall the ladder, you won't be able to reach it. You are all probably thinking to yourselves sure sure heard that before, but as false as it seems, it will soon be reality.

Corey steps forwards into the streetlight, but the shadow stops us just short of seeing his face. We however get to see that he has baggy jeans on with chains all over them as well as a dress shirt that hangs open, exposing several tattoos on his chest.

Corey Rose: Oops, almost revealed my face and made you all starstruck didn't I? Bet I had you all on the edge of your seats, anticipating the moment I took that one step further, and you got to see just how I look. But I won't do you that thrill, not quite yet anyway. Sure, come the Crisis card, I will have no choice but to show myself, but until then, you can all wonder. It's not like I am creating some kind of huge mystery, unless you are a bunch of guys who fantasize about what a single man looks like. And if that is the case, I am starting to question whether or not I am in the right fed or not. But enough about all the talk of what is about to come, let's focus on my opponent for this week, shall we?

The Marine, how original, reminds me of one of the worst movies I have seen in my life. So I don't know if you are some kind of John Cena wanna be, or a real retired officer, but I don't really care either way. Who you are doesn't change the fact that I must face you this week in my debut match. And not just any match, the winner gets double the treat. Not only do one of us get the TV title to carry around and boast about, but we also get the chance to step into the King of The Beach match. Now I don't know about you, but being a champ and getting a chance at another sounds like one hell of a way to debut into a brand new federation. It sounds like somethng I am not about to pass up either. So sorry for you, I am going to beat you, and leave you wondering. But just remember, when I am holding the Heavyweight championship, you can say you got beat by the best in your debut match. I'm sure that should be good for a few brownie points. Then again, I doubt it.

Corey holds his arms out his arms, and we see massive burn scars that almost look fake.

Corey Rose: Do you see those scars Marine? That is what you are left with when you get hot ass tar poured onto you. Why did it happen? Because I turned my attention away from the wrong fight on the construction site, and I regretted it. I can assure you that is not going to happen when I face you. These scars will forever remind me to keep focus on who and what are around me. These scars are also what has driven me to get as far as I have so far in this business, and although I have yet to wrestle a match prior to ours, I have a feeling of self accomplishment. To even have this chance given to me, after all I have worked for, is nothing less than a blessing. Now you may think I am just being sappy and emotional, but you will learn the errors of your ways. While I may talk soft, I fight hard, and I don't fight to win, I fight to survive.

Corey reaches down and picks something up and throws it at the light, shattering it. The darkness falls over him once again as he steps fully into the street and starts to pace down the now dark sidewalk.

Corey Rose: I really hope the message I am trying to get across is sinking in Marine. You are not John Cena, nor will you have the luck that he has. Many say he has skill, but if you ask me, right place, right time. In your case however it is going to be right place, wrong time. Sure you might be a very well rounded competitor, hell, Timothy must have seen something in you in order to place you in this match. But despite my inexperience, you don't stand a chance in winning this thing my friend. I have no reason to do you serious damage, it's merely business. Just make sure you remember that and don't try to make it personal, cuz you won't like me when things get personal. I don't exactly tend to be nice to people when things get personal.

But for now, I will leave you to think about what I said. One last thought for you to ponder, think about how good that TV title is gonna look around my waist. I'm OUT!

Corey continues to walk down the street, his face still not being seen. He comes to another streetlight, stops for a second, then b-lines down the nearest alley. The camera fades to darkness, the same place we started.

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Number of posts : 81
Age : 25
Registration date : 2008-04-12

PostSubject: Re: Your opinions PLEASE!   Tue Sep 16, 2008 6:47 am

Now me, aka The Marine RP...

BCW Crisis
Main Event- For the BCW Television Championship
Corey Rose vs. The Marine

Scene One- First Night on the Job…

The scene opens to show a parking lot behind the Walter Pyramid in Long Beach. All of the sudden a green car appears from a distance and pulls up and into an empty parking space near the camera. As the car stops, it can be seen that the car is a Baltic Green Jetta. The driver door opens and a man steps out. He is wearing a yellow shirt and blue jeans. The man is carrying a dark green bag. He looks a little nervous buts walks up to a back door. He knocks a couple of times and waits for the door to open. After a minute it is opened by a man wearing a black shirt that says “Staff” on it. The man lifts his clipboard as he begins to speak.

Staff Member- How can I help you?

???- Um, I’m here for the show…

Staff Member- Oh, let me guess, The Marine?

The Marine- Yeah, how did you know?

Staff Member- The haircut, so you ready for your big match?

The Marine- I hope so, it’s my first match, am I opening tonight?

Staff Member- Uh, you didn’t know? You’re main eventing! And it is going to be for the BCW Television Championship!

The Marine- What? That can’t be right! I’m always nervous for my first match, I can’t even think straight! And I am going to be wrestling for a championship! That can’t be right!

Staff Member- I’ve seen the card, and you’re in the main event!

The Marine- OK, well, can you show me to my locker room?

Staff Member- Sure, that’s what I’m here for. Follow me…

The Staff Member starts to walk backstage and The Marine follows him. The two men make a few turns and twists down the confusing hallways. Finally the Staff member stops and points to a sign. It is the Crisis Card. The Marine looks at it a little funny, and a little shocked at the same time.

Staff Member- Told you, now you have to believe me!

The Marine- I guess you’re right! I have a lot of work to do, I have to get ready. Not only physically, but mentally too! Can you just take me to may locker room now?

Staff Member- No problem, it’s right this way.

As the Staff Member starts to walk again The Marine takes one last look at the card. He has a concerned look on his face as the two men round the last corner and they arrive at The Marine’s locker room.

Staff Member- Well, here it is…go on in and relax, you have a few hours before the show starts…oh, and I almost forgot, you have an interview with Emily Pierce about an hour before the show starts, so get ready for that, and good luck!

The staff member exit’s the locker room and shuts the door behind him. The Marine stands still for a minute, and tries to take it all in. He walks towards the folding chair and sits his bag down beside it. He then sits in the chair and looks around, knowing he is about to have the biggest match of his life. As he looks around, the camera fades out.

Scene Two- The Interview…

The scene starts with the camera fading in on The Marine in his locker room. By this time, The Marine has military boots, camo pants, and camo face paint on. He finishes tying his boots and looks up at the camera. The Marine stands up and walks to his bag. As he reaches the bag he zips it up and places the bag in an empty locker. He then locks the locker with his lock. The Marine then walks over to the Bench-Press sitting on the other side of the room. He sits down and begins to lift the bar. The camera moves in closer to show that there is 150 pounds on each side of bar. The Marine gets fifteen reps in before placing the bar back on the rack and standing up again. The Marine walks over to his chair once again and sits down. He drinks some of his Fruit Punch Gatorade and places the bottle back on the floor. As he begins to stretch and loosen up there is a sudden knock on the door. The Marine just looks up at first, but then he rises out of his chair and walks over to the door. He opens the door to see Emily Pierce standing there holding a microphone with a camera crew behind her. The Marine takes a deep breath and then he begins to speak.

The Marine- I’m ready when you are, Emily.

Emily- OK, great! Let’s get the interview started, we’ll go and record where we do all of the interviews, on our interview set…

Emily and the entire camera crew begin to walk back the way they came to the interview set. The Marine follows them through the twists and turns of the backstage area. As they are taking all of the twists and turns The Marine reaches into his pocket and makes sure he has his paper. Emily looks back as they are walking and notices him checking his pocket.

Emily- What’s in there?

The Marine- Actually, it was something I am going to show you in the interview, well…I’ll explain it.

Emily- OK, whatever…

As Emily says these last words the two arrive at the interview set. The Camera Crew immediately takes their positions recording the interview. Emily points to where The Marine should stand as she stands in her place. The Camera Crew begins to count down and the interview begins.

Emily- Hello, everyone, I am here with BCW’s newest wrestler, The Marine! The Marine is a very new face to the wrestling world and he is main-eventing tonight’s show! So, how long have you been a marine?

The Marine- I have been a marine for seven years now, and wrestling is a new challenge that I seem to have a passion for, so I was hired by BCW and I am ready to make an impact and really show that I can succeed at anything that I put my mind to. And Emily, that is one of my biggest inspirations, to show the kids of the world that if you put your mind to it, you can succeed at anything, and I mean anything!

Emily- So, what is your opinion on you opponent, Corey? He both know that both of you guys are new and you two are wrestling for a vacant title in your debut.

The Marine- That is true, it’s like one of those underdog stories, where, in this case, two unknowns from the streets get the chance of a lifetime. I don’t know much about my opponent this week, but I am not afraid of him, and I am not afraid of anyone!

Emily- So earlier, you mentioned something in your pocket, care to share that?

The Marine- Actually that is perfect timing. A lot of wrestlers fear other wrestlers because of their size, or because they are a “beast”. Well, I do not fear anyone! So, when I came back from Iraq, I was told to start writing poetry. And I have a poem I would like the camera to see.

The Marine reaches in his pocket and grabs the poem. He pulls it out of his pocket and opens it. The Marine turns the poem to the camera and begins to read,

“Some people are scared, of others bigger than themselves,
The Marine doesn’t care, he lifts bigger bar bells!
The more experienced, some people are,
That means nothing, The Marine leaves scars,
A lot of people, are scared of the beast,
But I’m The Marine, I conquered the Middle East!”

The Marine- And that is about all I have to say about my match this week. Now, everyone backstage knows no to mess with me! I will not be intimidated and I will fight back, so Corey, see you in the ring!

As The Marine says these last words the camera begins to zoom back. The Marine walks out of view and Emily is left alone on the screen, with an odd look on her face. As she takes one last glance at where The Marine stormed off too, and then turns back to the camera as the scene fades out.

Scene Three- The Time is Now…

The camera fades in to show The Marine in his locker room. He glances up at the clock and then looks back down again. He knows that the show is about to begin and his chance to shine is about to take place. He stands up and walks over to the mirror one last time, making sure his camouflage face paint still looks fresh. He knows that the knock on the door is coming. The knock where is going to get the word to move into the ready hallway. The place where all of the wrestlers stand together and talk. He knew that once he went into that hallway, when he returned to the locker room he is in right now, he would be a champion…or a loser. He decides not to wait for the knock. The Marine walks over to his door and opens it. He takes one last look into his locker room. He turns around and exits, closing the door behind him. He begins to walk down one of the backstage corridors, heading towards the dreaded hallway. As he turns the first corner walks right in to someone, nearly knocking them down with his size. As he makes sure the man is OK, he realizes that he has run into BCW’s color commentator, Bill Thompson. As Bill realizes who The Marine is, he smiles and begins to speak.

Bill- New guy! Hey, man, you know the rules, you win tonight, you buy everyone a round at the Beach Bar!

The Marine- Yeah, no problem. Since I ran into you…uh, literally, I guess…I was wondering what you know about my opponent this week, you know the guy I’m wrestling for the title with?

Bill- Sorry, man, but all I know is that his name is Corey Rose, and he is as new as you are here! Two rookies getting a title shot in their first match. I don’t get it! I guess Timothy knows that if you can perform under pressure, you can survive here! And I think he wants to bring the best out in both of you, so, the question everyone is wondering is, can you perform to the match’s hype?

The Marine- Well, I think I can, no, I know I can! I have the ability to be the best wrestler in this promotion! I think the proof will be in the match itself, you’ll learn real fast why I was hired here. After my debut and my first championship, I can only get better…and hopefully I can get entered into the King of the Beach match! After that, I would like more titles, and until they make me defend them every night, and I lose one, I am going to fight with everything I have. I want to make an impression, and I want the crowd to remember my name, and I want everyone to know my ability! After I meet those goals, I don’t know here else I can go, but I guess we’ll see soon enough.

Bill- True, I like you kid, you got the ability to talk a good game, and tonight I hope you can prove it, but I think you can…see you out there, and good luck. I have to go out myself! The show is starting in like a few minutes!

Bill says these last words and turns to walk toward the arena entrance. As he walks away The Marine smiles, knowing that a guy who knows a lot about wrestling has confidence in him.

The Marine- See ya…

The Marine says these last words and continues down the hall to the hallway where he has to make final adjustments on his clothes, and his stretching. As he gets to the hallway, he smiles, and he begins to walk past a few wrestlers with a lot of confidence. The Marine knows he is pumped up and ready to shock everyone, finally…

The Marine is ready for his match.

The Marine is ready for the title.

The Marine is ready for Corey Rose.

Most of all, The Marine is ready for BCW.

As The Marine finally gets to the hallway he begins to stretch, he takes one last look around, and the camera fades out.


BTW, mine had color, his didn't, so who should have won and why?
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Your opinions PLEASE!
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