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 James Blaze vs. D-ToX

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Dave Johnson

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PostSubject: James Blaze vs. D-ToX   Tue Sep 09, 2008 11:56 pm

RP Start: Now
RP Deadline: 9/18/08 Thursday Midnight EST
Max RPs: 5
Show Date: 9/20/08
Where: Manhattan, New York

~Fourth Match~

James Blaze vs. D-ToX

James Blaze returns to DUW after being severly damaged by Sync 2 months ago. Blaze has been eager to relaise his anger, but this is no easy task. He battles it out against the person that beat him for his X-Treme Championship, D-ToX who has been on a roll lately.

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PostSubject: Re: James Blaze vs. D-ToX   Fri Sep 12, 2008 3:25 am

Suicide drive

The scene opens with D-ToX, standing in an abandoned shipping yard, the waveís crashes against the side of the enclosed arrear, water poring threw the chain link fence, the rain beats down, splashing on the concrete floor, D-ToX standing there motionless, drenched by the rain, his long chequered coat weighted down and visible threw the night, his blond hair flashes every time light flash along the adjacent road that runs by the yard.


Blaze the time has came around so quickly, it seems like only yesterday I was destroying you in a inferno match, and now we must fight again for different reasons.

This time there is no titles, only you wanting to make a return.

I would like to say I was the one that put you out of action, but it was the interfering James sync that caused you to be put on the shelf.

I have to prove that I can do the same, you were my victim, and he took you away without even asking, I will put you out of action for ever.

The flames have been dropped and now we are imprisoned in cold unforgiving steal, and I trust you to give me what I need, a proper, hardcore match with blood and pain for the world to see and contend with.

Our feud even back then had no substance; yes it was for a title but only by chance that I got a shot.

However this second chapter will prove that we are the most extreme contenders, the fans want us to fight again, and this time, we will do it again, and have the greatest, most dangerous match possible proving who we are.

We donít need titles, we are fighting for pride, and you want a win or your return, which would make us even.

I want to beat you again, proving that it was not a fluke.

This is warfare, but not as you know it James.

We go into that unforgiving structure, we fight, and one of us wins, thatís the plan, right?

Wrong, what happens if I chain you to the cage, the door is locked and it is no longer one on one but me simply, harshly and violently, me inflicting pain on you. No one can help you.

Iím not going to stop. It is no longer a match, but an attack on a returning man.

Will it be worth coming back for? Yes

You will go down in history as the man D-ToX destroyed, annihilatedÖ the man D-ToX ended.

Your one of a kind James blaze and me removing you from this world, will be genocide, but one that must, therefore will happen.

You are the last of your kind, your are and always was the only James blaze, but now you have met your match.

Iíve played with you before, now its time to finish the job, and open up a new chapter in DUW, were I am king, and you are a memory.

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James Blaze vs. D-ToX
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