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 Alexis Luciano vs. Cherry Haze vs. Dita Morgan

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Dave Johnson

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PostSubject: Alexis Luciano vs. Cherry Haze vs. Dita Morgan   Tue Sep 09, 2008 11:56 pm

RP Start: Now
RP Deadline: 9/18/08 Thursday Midnight EST
Max RPs: 5
Show Date: 9/20/08
Where: Manhattan, New York

~Third Match~

Alexis Luciano (c) vs. Cherry Haze vs. Dita Morgan

We will find out at the end of the match exactly what the name of the new championship is. Whoever wins it, the person will find out after the match when Dave announces it.

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Dita Morgan


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PostSubject: Re: Alexis Luciano vs. Cherry Haze vs. Dita Morgan   Thu Sep 18, 2008 6:18 pm

Home Truths

Before Dita arrived in Rome to meet up with Shadow she made a stop off in her home town, the very unsunny London, England. Dressed in jeans, heels, a vest top and a green hoodie Dita wheels her suitcase along behind her as she walks down the Kingís Road, her heels clicking along the ground, the bottom parts of her jeans scuffing across the ground. She stops outside a large house and looks up at the building and lets out a sigh.

Should she even dare to go up to the door and knock? Can she really deal with the argument she knows is waiting on the other side? She hasnít seen the rest of the Morgan family since she was 15, and while time may heel old wounds she knows once the Morganís get their teeth into something they donít let it lie. She takes a deep breath and walks up the long garden path, she notices the front garden is still a mess, a car which looks half dead is parked on the drive and when she reaches the door she notices the paint is still peeling off the door and no one has sorted it. She rings the door bell quickly before she changes her mind. She fidgets and pulls the sleeves of her hoodie over her hands. She jumps slightly when the door opens; standing there is one of her older sisters, Lily the eldest Morgan sibling, who is holding a small child on her hip. Both girls seem surprised and then Lily rolls her eyes

Lily Morgan: Staying with friends were you? Coming home in a fortnight were you? Nice to know a fortnight now lasts eight years...

Dita Morgan: Give it a rest Lil; I couldnít stay here much longer could I? You all drove me mad

Lily Morgan: And you didnít us? You have no idea how pissed that made the old women and if you donít want trouble you better scarper, sheíll be home from work soon and she really wont want to deal with you... You do a bunk and the next thing is Ray sees you on TV rolling around in hardly any clothes calling it wrestling... And on top of that we hear about you ending up in rehab, do have any idea how embarrassed the old women was?

Dita Morgan: Well Iím sorted now, clean and sober... And Iím not stopping, thought I would you know say hi seeing as Iím in town

Lily Morgan: Oh I know all about you getting clean and sober, rehab... Thatís just a spa for rich screw ups

Dita Morgan: Well maybe this screw up made something of herself, do you really think I could have stayed here much longer? I was going stir crazy! And I didnít want to be part of this family any more... Part of the same old same old be just like our mother? Grow up, school, babies, part time rubbish job...

Dita narrows her eyes at her sister

Dita Morgan: Which Iím guessing is exactly what you do now... And you canít stand that I got out, that I did something with my life

Lily Morgan: I have a life Dita, Iím happy... Iím not rolling around in a ring in my underwear and taking drugs... Iíve got my own family now... You left and I stayed, Iím happy

Dita smirks slightly then looks sad

Dita Morgan: No, no your not... But you know what? You had your chance to leave Lily. I took the right path for me and I couldnít be happier, I have cleaned up, made strong friendships and I am so blissfully happy with how my life is, I have the best guy in the world looking after me, a shot at a new title and I wouldnít change a thing!

Dita grabs her bag and starts to walk back down the path and Lily shouts after her

Lily Morgan: You wonít get him to stay with you long Dita, guys donít like girls like you when they find out what they are really like... Youíll end up alone Dita...

Dita ignores her and walks away from the house as she comes out of the drive she walks straight into her older brother Ray who has a slight shocked look on his face and goes to say something but she holds up her hand to stop him and walks on


Dita has dropped her bags off at the hotel and is sitting in the hotel bar with her head in her hands, a coke in front of her. She has her eyes shut and looks like she would black out the whole world if she could. She doesnít notice a skinny brunette is ripped jeans, ballet flats and an oversized cardi sit down in front of her. The brunette is Kat Westwood who Dita hasnít seen since last years DUI and rehab trip, Dita still doesnít know it was Kat who let her take the fall for the DUI bust by hiding her drugs on her and she hasnít heard from Kat since

Kat Westwood: Well someone looks blue

Dita looks up and sees Kat and smiles

Dita Morgan: How did you know I was here?

Kat Westwood: Your sister rang me after you showed up and itís not hard to track people down

Kat shrugs

Kat Westwood: Why you drinking coke?

Dita Morgan: Iím still on probation

Kat Westwood: Yeah in the states not here

Dita Morgan: I know but I donít want to cross that line

Kat Westwood: Dude your no fun

Dita Morgan: Whatever... Feel free to get yourself a drink; Iím fine with people drinking around me

Kat Westwood: I heard you joined a new company DUW?

Dita Morgan: Yeah... Iím scheduled to wrestle in a few days... Iím getting a shot at a championship

Kat Westwood: Which one?

Dita Morgan: It doesnít have a name yet, but after the match it will be announced

Kat Westwood: Oh

Dita Morgan: Itís a triple threat match... And I think itíll be good for me, Iíll be going out there to win and give the fans a match to remember! So whatís new with you?

Kat Westwood: Iím still hoping to come back to the States at some point

Dita Morgan: Maybe you should, sign up with DUW? We can go on the road together again

Kat smiles a wicked grin and then heads to the bar


Friday night last orders at the bar, we head outside and Kat hails a cab to take us to Bungalow 8. There's a massive crowd outside so we get in to the queue it's quarter past 11 now we won't get in till quarter to. It's quarter to and we get to the front, girl on a guest list gives me that once over, Kat flashes her members card and the girl asks security to check inside my shoes, And Iím thinking you can play this game with me but you know you're gonna lose. She looks me up and down, I don't make a sound. There's a lesson that I want you to learn, if you're gonna play with fire then you're gonna get burned...

In the club make our way to the bar, thereís the normal half dressed girls you know the kind good dancing love but you should of worn a bra girls who are leaving nothing to the imagination! The guy on the mike is making too much noise shouting over the record not even giving you the chance to her is play. While those girls in the corner keep glaring over. A guy at the bar spots us and buys the first drinks; Kat gives me a scowl when I ask just for water.

Those girls still stare and start shouting through the crowd I donít understand why they need to be that loud. They make their way over to me and try to push me out the way. I push her back, she looks at me and says ďWhat you tryna say?Ē. I give a them a donít go there look and the girl starts to mouth of and Iím thinking to myself, Don't try and test me cos you'll get reaction, another drink and I'm ready for action, I don't know who you think you are but making people scared wont get you very far... Did I think about having a drink then? I need to put that out of my mind

I look over to where Kat was and sheís no where to bee seen, I need some air, itís too hot, I head to the bathroom and look at my reflection in the mirror, and then I hear Katís voice sheís shut in one of the cubicles ďShe still has no idea... Saved me getting caught thoughĒ *Sniff Sniff* then another voice chimes in ďHow long to you think you can string her along? Surely thereís going to be a point when she realises?Ē *Sniff Sniff* ďDita is far too clingy and needy... She needs me around, trust me sheís my ticket back to the states... She canít stay on the wagon for long... Anyway she practically does what I tell her to!Ē *Sniff Sniff*

I freeze; I canít believe what Iíve heard. And itís as if everything clears... Kat was the one who... I canít stay here I have to get out. I push my way out of the bathroom and through the club, I need to get outside, I race out of the cub and the cool air hits me. The first thing I do is run to the nearest cab and jump in... I need to just get out... To get away...

We learn things we donít always want to and some things maybe should stay buried so we donít have to deal with them but for some people itís better to face those fears and Dita has had to learn to face hers. Its funny how some things can make you so determined, make you fight and never back down. Dita left London with bruises and a few devastations but she will survive and keep going.

She took off and headed to Rome, the whole flight she tried to sleep but couldnít, not because of everything she had dealt with and heard but because she knew who was waiting for her... She knew that he would be at the airport to meet her. After stepping off the plane and impatiently waiting for her bag she made her way to the meeting point where she saw Shadow standing there... With a smile on her face she ran towards him and felt herself being drawn into his arms and she knows this is where she wants to be... This is home...
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Alexis Luciano vs. Cherry Haze vs. Dita Morgan
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