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 Chris Peppers vs. Mike Copani

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Dave Johnson

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PostSubject: Chris Peppers vs. Mike Copani   Tue Sep 09, 2008 11:56 pm

RP Start: Now
RP Deadline: 9/18/08 Thursday Midnight EST
Max RPs: 5
Show Date: 9/20/08
Where: Manhattan, New York

~Second Match~

Chris Peppers vs. Mike Copani

Peppers has proved himself here in DUW and Mike is still on the devloping stages, but don't get me wrong, Mike will come out all guns blazing and might beat the Beast. How will it end? Will Carmine come into play?

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PostSubject: Re: Chris Peppers vs. Mike Copani   Sat Sep 13, 2008 5:31 am

DUW Danger
Match Two
Chris Peppers vs. Mike Copani

After a break...

The scene fades in to show Chris Peppers in his locker room holding a picture frame. The camera turns to show that it is a picture of Chris' former manager. Chris shakes his head and looks down.

Chris- You weren't that bad pal, you were just crazy...

Chris takes the frame and breaks it in half. He shakes his head again and looks up at the camera.

Chris- Since D.U.W has had some time off, so have I, and just like everyone else on the roster I am a little out of tune...I haven't even been in a ring since I defeated Steve at the last show a few weeks ago. This week I am facing a guy that I have never beat, and I am a little worried. What is so great about Mike Copani? And why haven't I beat him yet? Is he truly better than me? I don't think so...but I suppose we'll see. I hope I can keep my streak alive, and I hope D.U.W. can keep itself alive too, but I guess we'll see...we'll see.

The camera zooms back and fades out.

OOC-Sorry, I have had a tough week, tired and I have writer's block, so this is just about all I got for Chris this week, good luck to all on the card!
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PostSubject: Re: Chris Peppers vs. Mike Copani   Fri Sep 19, 2008 8:00 am

OOC- What do you know, I changed my mind...I will put in a decent RP.

The camera fades in to show Chris Peppers in his locker room sitting on his couch. He looks up and shakes his head, smiling. The camera zooms back a bit to show that Chris is holding a piece of paper. He holds it up for the camera to see.

Chris- This, is the prediction sheet for this week. There are zero votes for Mike Copani...there are quite a few for Chris Peppers. I cannot help but wonder why? Why do so many people think that am better than Mike? I know my former matches and I have never beaten Mike! It's true! Mike is unbeaten by Chris Peppers! I think that it is pretty funny, how people can change...from being horrible at what they do to being where we are today, my improvement throughout my career so far in D.U.W. has been amazing! It really has...I started in D.U.W. with a winning streak, two and zero. After that I lost a couple of matches, and then I won another one. It was after that win, that was when the "big" streak began. I lost a lot of matches, and I just kept losing week after week. My record has improved as much as I have. This week if I can beat Mike, my record will finally be at 500. After I can get it there a winning record is going to be within my grasps. I cannot wait until I get to face Mike this week! I am going to win and once I do I will not stop! So, that is just about all I have to say this week...

Just as Chris says these last few words his cell phone rings. He reaches over to the table and hits the answer button. There is a silence for a second, then Chris begins to speak.

Chris- Hello?

???- ....

Chris- Is anyone there?


Chris- Look, I am going to hang up, so last chance, is anyone there?

???- You...

Chris- Yes, it's me, Chris Peppers...

???- thought...

Chris- Wow, this is freaky! Who is this?

???- I...

Chris gives a weird look and continues to look at the phone.

???- was...

Chris- I thought that you were what?

???- gone?

Chris- What?! It can't be you, we got rid of you!

???- I am not gone...

Chris- Where the hell are you? Are you in the building?

???- Wouldn't you like to know?

Chris- This cannot be happening! We did all of that work chasing you down and getting you to jail. Now, you either tell me where you are or I am going to call the police!

???- You just wait Chris, when your moment comes, I will do my worst! You will not be successful as long as I am around.

Chris- Be a man! Tell me where you are and we'll...we'll talk this out, OK, just me and you. We can work this out, we don't have to be enemies!

???- We both know that is a lie...

Chris- You just stay away, or else!

Chris takes his phone and closes it. He then turns it around and removes the battery from the back. Chris sits back with a concerned and scared look on his face. He knows that he must face the truth...

Chris' old manager was still around, and still after him...

Chris shakes his head and the camera fades out.
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PostSubject: Re: Chris Peppers vs. Mike Copani   

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Chris Peppers vs. Mike Copani
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