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 Steve Jones vs. Devon Poole

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Dave Johnson

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PostSubject: Steve Jones vs. Devon Poole   Tue Sep 09, 2008 11:56 pm

RP Start: Now
RP Deadline: 9/18/08 Thursday Midnight EST
Max RPs: 5
Show Date: 9/20/08
Where: Manhattan, New York

~Opening Match~

Steve Jones vs. Devon Poole

First match, first week back. We start off Danger with a bang! Two of DUW's youngest guns battle it out against one another. Who will win? Watch!

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PostSubject: Re: Steve Jones vs. Devon Poole   Thu Sep 18, 2008 11:37 am

OOC:Sorry for the lateness i thought the deadline would be Friday As Usual so id at least get 2 RPs in

After a few Seconds,Everything goes out..except for the Tron.There is a big "5" on the begins Counting Down.4..3..2...1.Soon After,Lights Blare Blue and White Lights,and Pyro EXPLODES throughout the Entrance Area as "Playing with Fire" Plays.The Fans Boo as Devon Poole Comes up from an Elevator-like Platform on the Stage,walking out to the clearing Pyro Smoke.He walks down the Entrance Ramp,shaking his head at the fans reaching out for him as the announcer speaks...

From NEW YORK CITY,weighing in at 255 Pounds,DEVON POOLE!!!

Devon Jumps onto the apron and enters the ring.He Beats his Chest with his Fist,and Arches his Arms with a cocky,yet confident,smirk on his face.White Pyro EXPLODES inside of the ring.As The Pyro Stops,Devon hops on the Top Rope and taunts the fans.He Takes off his Cap and Shirt and Throws it into the Crowds,as people are seen trying to throw it back at him.He smiles as he hops back down.Everything goes back to normal as the music fades out.....

*Well,WELL,WELL,Look What the Phoenix Rose up From the Ashes!

Poole gets a lot of Jeers for his Return.a Lot of "YOU SUCK!" Chants start up fromt he crowd.Poole just laughs it up and speaks again.

Well You Know What?Im GLAD you all feel that way about me,because it does NOTHING MORE..than solidify the FACT,that Mr.Reality Is The Difference BEtween a SUCCESS In this Industry..and then..there's all of you..

Devon laughs a little at his Joke,much to the chagrin of the Fans.He continues on..

You Know,for a Minute THere,i got a little Scared about DUW's Future.I Thought that This fed was gonna go under without Me Proving Just How Good i Am First.But,When there's a Will,theres A Way,and Thanks to that,the DUW will stay to live another Day.

A Few cheers come from that statement..

And Because of that,That Just Means That I'll have to me even MORE Rutheless,Domineering,Coniving,Just so i Can be ONE STEP that Brass Ring that I was too close to getting too Many Times.And It ALL STARTS..Saturday Night.I have a little Opponent,His NAme is Steve Jones.

Face Pops from the fans..

..And from the looks of it,Hes been in the undercard Longer than IVe Been,so THAT sure shows how Great He Is!

Devon now gets even more heat than Before.A Couple of "YOU SUCK!" chants re-start,with small "LETS GO STEVE JONES!" Chants start up as well.Devon Finishes

But In All Seriousness,Steve.I Want to THANK you.I Want to Thank You for Opening your company to ME When i had Nowhere Else to Go.I Want to THANK you for allowing me to be the Most Dominating Force in VSE History.And Steve..I Want to THANK you..for throwing Your Jobbers to me For a WARM-UP!Because Now,Im Back In The Big Leagues,And i dont Mean Terrible Booking,when i Say That Im gonna make an IMPACT!Steve,THe Clock Is Ticking.As of right now You Have 2 ChoiceS:Either Lay Down,or Get BEAT down when youre in the Ring with Me,so I dont wannna hear No Excuses when you get PUSHED DOWN the Ladder of DUW after your Funeral At Danger.It Shouldnt be too hard for you..YOu seem to be somewhat of an Expert at LOSING as it is.See you at Danger,Jones..

Devon Cockily drops the mic and walks off into the backstage area as "Playing With Fire" Plays.You can almost hear no music from the fans' disdain for the Returning Wrestler.The Camera fades to black
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Steve Jones vs. Devon Poole
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