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 Cherry Haze vs Dita Morgan

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Drake Daniels

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PostSubject: Cherry Haze vs Dita Morgan   Sun Aug 17, 2008 8:50 am

Singles Match
Cherry Haze vs Dita Morgan
Drake wants to see what these Divas have. It should be known that backstage Drake has been heard talking a lot about Dita Morgan and what he thinks she can do. This is her chance to prove it.

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Dita Morgan


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PostSubject: Re: Cherry Haze vs Dita Morgan   Sun Aug 17, 2008 8:27 pm

Promise you'll never leave me?" Angela asked, shimmering pearl-shaped tears rolling down her cheeks.

"I promise," Brad replied. He flipped his hair away from his face and flashed a thousand-watt smile. "I'll never hurt you again."

"Oh, Brad!"

Angela jumped into the chariot and into Brad's arms, and they rode off into the sunset. Gushy gushy goo-goo, mushy mushy goo.


Dita rolls her eyes and switches off the TV and pulls a face, we can now see Dita is in her hotel room, her suitcase and other items chucked around the room. She is sitting on the bed in little booty shorts and an oversized mans t-shirt; her hair is in a messy styled fashion and her face is clear from make up

Dita Morgan: Well thatís the one draw back to travelling... Trying to find something to do when your not training or in the ring

She puts the TV remote on the bedside table and then curls up against the huge pile of pillows resting and then pulls the comforter up close and shuts her eyes as she drifts off she dreams about travelling and in her dream she is walking along a huge beach, as she does she hears a ringing for the time being she ignores it and keeps walking but the ringing grows louder and more distracting. She turns her head, looking for the source.

Dita sits up on her bed and reaches for the night stand to grab her cell phone.

Dita Morgan: Hello?

She rubs at her eyes as she talks and then looks at the Clock on the bedside table and realises how long sheís been asleep

Dita Morgan: Yeah... No thanks for calling I would have slept right through, Iíll talk to you soon

Dita rolls off the bed and drops her phone back on the bedside table then goes over to her kitbag and pulls out a grey tank top and a pair of short, black shorts. She pulls on the shorts. Next, she pulls off her shirt and tosses the shirt off into the pile of clothes she grabs the tank top and pulls it on. Then pulls her hair up and secures it with the holder. She then grabs a pair of trainers and goes to sit on the edge of the bed where she slides the shoes on and laces them up.

Grabbing her room key, she heads down to the lobby and hands it to the girl behind the desk then she walks out of the large doors. She jogs down the sidewalk and then kicks it up into a run. Once in her rhythm, 3 strides, then breathe, her mind starts to wander off.

[color=indigo]Dita Morgan: So the new girl started to shine through this week, I think itís fair to say I have shown how I can play with the big boys. But there is so much still to do, still to prove. And this week thereís another step on the ladder, the other ďnew girlĒ Cherry Haze

She brushes a few hairs out of her face and keeps running

Dita Morgan: Two total opposites getting in the ring together... Cherry with all her hmm overt sexual nature, even the name has a double meaning and me... The bad girl next door, the screw up who has made mistake after mistake but has paid for those crimes no matter what anyone saysÖ Iím not exactly the girl next doorÖ Iíve been in trouble far too many times, but Iím in the right place right frame of mind now and I have to put more in to succeed and achieve! I can do it, Iíve won countless matches before, true the slate is whipped clean when you join a new place but I have the skills to win

She smiles to herself as she pushes on

Dita Morgan: The little cherry bomb will meet her match, will come face to face with me and this time I wont be stopped I wont back down as I have to win... Itís not a want... Itís a must I must win; I must beat her and I...


Dita jumps backwards, starring at the taxi driver in the yellow car that was about 3 inches from smashing her into the ground. If her heart wasnít already beating enough, it sure is now. She apologizes to the driver who gives her the finger.

Dita Morgan: Youíve got to start paying attention Dita!

She presses the cross walk button and waits for it to clear her to cross the busy intersection. Once across, she continues to run.
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Cherry Haze


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PostSubject: Re: Cherry Haze vs Dita Morgan   Tue Aug 19, 2008 4:19 am

The scene opens to show a photo shoot taking place, Cherry Haze is having photos done for her DUW profile page, dressed in leopard heels, pedal pusher jeans, a black shirt which is open enough to reveal a hot pink bra underneath, her make up is dramatic and her hair is wild, she pouts and poses for the pictures as the photographer snaps away, finally he calls for a break and Cherry grabs a drink of water as they chat.

Photographer: So how you finding DUW?

Cherry Haze: Iíve only had one match so far which Iíve lost, but I donít think anyone can say I didnít work hard in that match, and for the first real match Iíve taken part in I think I did well, Iíve never stepped in the ring in front of a crowd, its only been training matchesÖ It was just a total rush getting out there and getting in front of a crowd. Itís something I canít wait to do again

Photographer: Are you in action this week?

Cherry Haze: Yep, Iím up against Dita Morgan, she already has a win under her belt so Iíve got my fingers crossed. Plus I have seen some of Ditaís past matches. Sheís reckless she seems to have no fear and will put her body on the lineÖ Itís impressive to watchÖ

Photographer: I hear sheís a former champion

Cherry Haze: Over in ECFW she was the womenís champion, Iíve watched those matches and it shows me what I need to live up to, the girls around here get in the ring and duke it out with the guys which is something I need to be able to do, I need to get up to that level. And if it takes week after week Iíll do it

Cherry takes a sip from her drink and then looks at a bruise on her arm

Photographer: Thatís a nasty bruise

Cherry Haze: Yeah, itís Dari Wheelerís handy work. Heís not exactly light handed when it comes to the girls, But I know James will have a few things to say about itÖ And I know that Dari will get exactly what coming to himÖ That title wonít stay with Dari for much longerÖ Dari needs to pay close attention to Jamesís match this week and be careful who he messes with

Cherry finishes her drink, then turns her face into a smile and then the photographer points to the camera

Photographer: Ready to get back to work?

Cherry Haze: Sure thing

She steps in front of the camera again as her starts taking more photos
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PostSubject: Re: Cherry Haze vs Dita Morgan   

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Cherry Haze vs Dita Morgan
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