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 Devon Poole vs Koing Webb

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PostSubject: Devon Poole vs Koing Webb   Sat Aug 16, 2008 9:06 am

a few Seconds,Everything goes out..except for the Tron.There is a big "5" on the begins Counting Down.4..3..2...1.Soon After,Lights Blare Blue and White Lights,and Pyro EXPLODES throughout the Entrance Area as "Playing with Fire" Plays.The Fans Cheer as Devon Poole Comes up from an Elevator-like Platform on the Stage,walking out to the clearing Pyro Smoke.He walks down the Entrance Ramp,shaking his head at the fans reaching out for him as the announcer speaks...

From NEW YORK CITY,weighing in at 255 Pounds,DEVON POOLE!!!

Devon Jumps onto the apron and enters the ring.He Beats his Chest with his Fist,and Arches his Arms with a cocky,yet confident,smirk on his face.White Pyro EXPLODES inside of the ring.As The Pyro Stops,Devon hops on the Top Rope and taunts the fans.He just looks at them as he hops back down.The lights go back as John Simpson has a mic in hand,preparing to interview the DUW Newcomer...

Simpson:Well let me start off by welcoming you,to DUW.You obviously dont need to get yourself familiar with the fans,as they already know you and your extensive work..

Massive "LET'S GO POOLE" chants pop up.Devon smiles a bit as he speaks...

Thank You John,but i think i have it from here,you can go..

Devon goes on to continue,only to see John simpson still standing there.He looks as if hes been disrespected.He speaks again..

Uuuummm..What are you still doing here?

Well im the DUW announcer,i get paid to stand here and speak..

A small pop for Johnson comes up.Devon looks shocked for a bit,and then laughs it off,looking like hes going with the crowd.Devon turns around,and Thrusts his Leg!REALITY CHECK CONNECTS!The Fans turn on Devon instantaneously as He looks at the Fallen John Simpson,and shaking his head in dissapointment.Devon continues...

You Know What,Usually these Boos would bother me,but you know what!?F*CK ALL OF YOU!You CAN JUMP OFF OF A CLIFF FOR ALL I CARE YOU WORTHLESS SHEEP!

More jeers from teh fans

I Try to cater to the world,an dthe world Just feeds me BULLSH!T.Everytime i try to be Mr.Nice Guy...I End up finishing last.It Never failed that it happened.Well you no what?No MORE Mr.Nice Guy!You All want to force feed me BS compliments Only to Turn your Back on me,well then Fine!You Can ALl Eat HORSE MANURE!

Even more heat on the now angered Devon Poole,who seems..Happy?He continues..

You all Know my work,you All have followed my 10 year journey.Since i was 18 i was working to get into the top,to become THE MAN!But being the niave boy that i was,i wasnt ready for what the world had coming to me.So For 10 Years Straight,all ive been was "Almost at the top" at the best.But i am Sick and TIRED of being an "almost" or a "would be" champion.In my bok,ALMOST DOSENT MEAN SH!T,It's just another excuse for a guy that couldnt get it done in the ring.You and i both know how well i can kick ass,and its about time I Show IT!From Here on Out,Its either go Hard or Go Home,go to the Top,For the Universal Championship,or QUIT WHILE YOURE AHEAD!And It all starts,Tommorow Night..

Small pops now for Devons Debut match.Hes still getting crazy heat for his words,but seems unnaffeacted.He finishes off...

Tommorow Night at Danger,im in a match..and Opener..ANOTHER opening Match against an UNWORTHY opponent.Yep,im fighting Koing Webb.Now Koing,I dont know much about You,and you probrably dont know much about me..But that's where This Ring Comes in.You See Koing..This Ring..Is MY BATTLEGROUNDS..

In spite of the boos some pops actually come out,respecting poole and his past matches.He resumes..

And if its one thing and One thing that most of the guys i work with know,Its that In this Ring,I DOMINATE inside of it.There are barely a Handful of guys that can touch me,and Koing,IF you Know you Cant,then i would SUGGEST..that you stay out of this match.BEcause if you DONT..youll be committing a Death to your own Well-Being.I Have Damn Near KILLED my opponents in this Ring,Man or Woman,Young or Old.Belive me when i say,that I no longer have NO Remorse,and if i gotta Break Your NECK with The Poole Driver,or Give you a Concussion with the 7th Heaven,then Trust me,I WILL!If You DO Plan on coming to the ring tommorow,then Mr.Webb..Be Cautious,Because the Wrong move...and This whole Game Will be CUT SHORT for you....

Poole drops the mic on the unconscious Simpson,as "Play with Fire" blares.The crowd boos as Devon exits the ring.He looks around at the booing audience,and just Crotch Chops all of them,clearly telling them he feels the same way.He has a small smile as he walks backstage..
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Devon Poole vs Koing Webb
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