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 Steve Jones Vs peppers

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PostSubject: Steve Jones Vs peppers   Fri Aug 15, 2008 11:39 am

We see Steve Jones in his locker room, waiting for the match to begin. He was surprise that he wasn’t on the “open act” as he calls it. Steve Jones is sitting there with his bat and looking at a TV. On the TV was the last match of Peppers, He is studying it very closely in order to make sure he is ready for the big match up. Steve looks at the camera and starts to talk.

Steve Jones- Peppers, people are saying I cant beat you. I for one agree, but there is always a first, there is always a up set, Hell I pull a huge upset last week. You know you cant beat me, You think going to make me tap or get me down for a three count then you are mistaken. You will fall under the streak that I am making here. I am on my way to become a legend of duw! I think you will be part of the history making. See you in the ring!!

The scene ends with Steve Jones standing up and heading out the door.

OOC: I dont think peppers will role play...thats why its short.
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PostSubject: Re: Steve Jones Vs peppers   Sat Aug 16, 2008 10:11 am

The end of an era in Chris Peppers' life...

The camera fades in to show Chris Peppers in his locker on a cell phone.

Chris- Well then, screw you!

Chris closes the phone and sits down on his couch. There is a knock at the door so Chris stands up and walks to the door. As Chris reaches the door he stops and thinks for a second, "Who can it be?" Chris takes a step back and really starts to think about who would be visiting him in his locker room. The person at the door knocks again so Chris has no choice but to walk to the door and open it. Standing there is a man holding a microphone.

??? Man- Chris, hi, I'm here to do an interview for DUW.

Chris- Really? Who sent you?

Interviewer- Um, DUW...

Chris- Whatever, I guess I could do a quick interv...

Right as Chris is talking his cell phone rings again. Chris looks at who it is and turns the phone off.

Chris- It was my EX-manager...he won't stop calling for some reason.

Interviewer- Well, that is actually the subject of my first question. A lot of people are wondering if your manager saying that he would leave last week was real or just a hoax. So, is he really gone?

Chris- Of course he's gone! I think it's better for the both of us now, I mean, just look at my record and before he was my manager and now after he was my manager! I haven't won a match since he joined my corner! That is why I am starting a "New era in my life", an era of getting on top of this company and finally winning a title! I've been here a long time, longer than most active wrestler's in DUW, and now I want a shot! I was hoping one day DUW wouldn't just have three world titles and that they would make a title for low-midcarders like myself! Because, be honest, I'm not good enough to beat Dari Wheeler or D-Tox! Well, not yet...

Interviewer- Huh, interesting answer, so you want a new start and you think that the begining is this week, you don't have a manger and you have a very interesting opponent, Steve Jones. I would like to hear your comments on your next match and Steve's comments of how he thinks that you will not even try to win your match.

Chris- Well, first of all I have a wide and interesting history with Steve Jones. We have wrestled before and he won in VSE. We have also been partners in DUW and we lost...but I think he has a big surprise coming at our match. Now that I have dropped that dumbass manager and moved on, I feel a lot better and I think my losing streak is over. I do plan on surprising a lot of people and helping DUW win some money in the gambling area...

Interview- Well, there you have it folks Chris Peppers feels good about his match and I think we all learned a little about him today. Thank you for the time.

Chris- No problem, see ya around...

The interviewing and camera crew stand up and exit the room, leaving Chris sitting alone. Chris opens his phone and turns it back on.

Phone- You have, seventy-four new messages!

Chris- You have got to be kidding me!

Chris lays back on his couch and the camera fades out.
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PostSubject: Re: Steve Jones Vs peppers   Sat Aug 16, 2008 11:50 am

The scene opens up to Steve Jones sitting in a restaurant, he was with he manger and brother Edward. They were whispering, the camera could pick up every other word what they were saying. They were talking about the comments that were made by Chris peppers recently. Steve is wearing a black muscle shirt, with blue jeans and his biker gloves. Edward is wearing a white t-shirt with blue jeans shorts, he is looking angry about something, as he looks around.

Edward- You know what? People are making me mad! First it’s peppers running at the mouth, now it’s the waitress that won’t hurry up over here to take our order! I know my brother, Steve Jones isn’t champion yet, but still he will be one day and he is a great wrestler. He should get some respect! He gets none in the locker room.

Steve Jones- You know you really should be more calm and patience and things will come to you. I know this for a fact! I was patience in the match against poison and look where I was after the match! I was having my hand raise at the end of the match. This week will be no different I wont rush it like I usely do. I will wait for an open and I will take it. Peppers better be ready to step in the ring to face the ace! He better be ready to fight the unstoppable beast! I will take charge of the match earlier and I will make sure he is down for the count!

As he is there talking to Edward the waitress show up at the table and offer them a drink. Steve takes a root beer as Edward takes a glass of water, after the waitress left Edward made a remark.

Edward- Man, if this place gets any more slower then they will be like peppers…but maybe they have little respect for you! You need to gain some respect from the DUW locker room. I think the only way to do that is to make sure you beat the hell out of peppers and make sure you can walk after wards. He is one of the hottest rookies out there in duw, with this win you could possible be on your way to some kind of Gold in DUW.

As that is said the waitress comes back with their drinks, she ask if they were ready to order, but then they ask if they could have more time.

Steve- I think your right, this win is what I need to push my right for some kind of gold! This is my time, this match to win! This is my match to prove to every one I’m real deal in the duw, Peppers you think you are going to win some money in betting area? I hope that you bet for u to lose inorder for you to win some money this week. You made a mistake of dropping your manger, you will lose this week!

Edward- I thought you will need to be patience??? This doesn’t look patience to me!

Steve- Just keep your mouth shut! I will win!! Peppers is nothing

The scene ends with waitress bring them their food.
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PostSubject: Re: Steve Jones Vs peppers   Sat Aug 16, 2008 12:01 pm

The time is now...

The camera fades in to show Chris Peppers finishing up tightening his boots. Chris finally stands and begins to walk to the door to exit his locker room. He notices the camera and begins to speak.

Chris- Tonight a brand-new chapter begins in the exciting life of Chris Peppers begins. Things in my life may seem bad to everyone else, but I personally don't think that they could be better. No more manager, I'm completly focused, and I drank a lot of Dr. Pepper today!

Chris laughs to himself and begins to open the door to exit his locker room. As he opens it a bucket of oatmeal falls and splatters all over the floor.

Chris- What the!?!?

Chris pokes his head out the door and looks both ways down the hall to check for clues on who tryed to prank him. Chris doesn't see anything so he walks over the oatmeal and starts to walk down the wall. As he gets to the end of the hall he suddenly stops as he sees a wire about six inches off the ground. He takes a step back and pulls the string when he got out of the way. All of the sudden, a ball of paint flys down the hall.

Chris- Whoa! Thats a paintball gun connected to the string!

Chris shakes his head and takes a step into the next hall and begins to yell.

Chris- Who is doing this? Be a man and step up! Is it you Steve?

???- NO!

Chris- Who are you?

???- (Hahahahahaha)

Chris- I'm getting tired of this crap, I'm walking to the ring and the time is now if you want to confront me!

Out of the corner of his eye, Chris sees a dark figure and turns his head as it begins to run down the next hall.

Chris- OK, the chase is on!

Chris starts to run to the next hall as the camera follows him closely. As Chris rounds the corner the dark figure turns the next corner. Chris continues to follow but stops again at the end of the hall as he notices another string this time connected to a twenty pound weight hanging from the ceiling.

Chris- You bastard! You're trying to kill me! Who are you?

Chris opens his phone and starts dialing, he says stop everyone from leaving. Chris turns to the camera.

Chris- That was security, they're not going to let anyone leave! Let's go the back way.

Chris and the camera turn around and walk to the exit.

Chris- Did anyone try to get out?

Security Gaurd #1- Well, we had to let one man out...

Chris- Why? I said no one!

Security Gaurd #2- He had a pass, like the wrestlers and staff have...

Chris- What did he look like?

Security Guard #2- He was wearing black...

Security Guard #1- But we know who it was...

Everyone goes completly silent, until Chris just loses it.

Chris- Who was it?

Security Guard #1- You're not going to like it...

Chris- Just tell me!

Security Guard #2- The Camera Man...

Chris- My old manager, I should have known! Move!

Chris pushes through the guards and runs out into the parking lot. He looks around desperatly filled with anger. He picks up a crowbar sitting on the ground.

Chris- You want to kill me? Bring it on! Man to man, lets go right now!

Suddenly the Camera Man's voice is heard from somewhere in the parking lot.

Camera Man- Ok, Chris, let's...fight!

Headlights suddenly turns on and a car begins to fly towards Chris but he moves at the last second and hits the car with the crowbar, breaking the backseat window.

Chris- I swear, I'm gonna end this with him soon...

Chris turns to the camera.

Chris- Very soon!

Chris walks back into the building and the camera fades out.

Quote :
OOC- Sorry if I offended Steve Jones with my last OOC comment, I deleted it and I appoligize, and I had this Rp ready so I just used it now, good luck to Steve and everyone else.
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PostSubject: Re: Steve Jones Vs peppers   Sat Aug 16, 2008 12:46 pm

When will it end...

The camera fades in to show Peppers sitting on his couch witha mean look on his face.

Chris- I can't believe he tryed to run me over with a car, how can I finally end this? It has to end so I can focus on my new goals! What can I do? Wait...

Chris picks up his phone and begins to dial a number.

Chris- Hey, man, I'm in town this week with DUW! Yeah, I have a problem, I need your help, come on down to the arena.

Chris smiles and starts to walk over to the exit of his locker room and out the door. He walks all the way to the parking lot exit and has a big smile the whole way there. When he reaches the parking lot he takes a quick glance at his watch, and then looks back up. A red Hummer pulls up and stops in front of Peppers. The passenger and driver doors' open as two 6'6" tall 250 lbs. twins walk out and hug Chris. Chris turns to the camera and introduces them...

Chris- This is Earl and this is Bert. We grew up together and went to wrestling school together, but I guess I was better than these idiots!

Earl- Whatever, what kind of problem are you having?

Bert- Want us to kill the guy filming this?

Chris- Whoa, no, but I do want you guys to do me a big favor, and a camera man is involved...

Bert- We'd do anything you ask, man, what do you need?

Chris- Well, my old manager acted like a total idiot and really screwed me over, and then he tryed to kill me! So i was wondering if you guys could bring him to the arena next week, and I can finally end this once and for all! The problem is, I don't know here he is. He could be anywhere in this city!

Bert- Well, whats he driving?

Chris- 2002, Baltic Green Jetta.

Earl- Anything else that might help us?

Chris- He's wearing all black...

Earl- Way to be descripive!

Chris- Look, last I heard, you two were private detectives, this should be cake for you!

Bert- Ok, so we capture this guy and bring him to you at the next Saturday Night Danger.

Chris- Well, uh, yes...

Earl- Well, we are detectives so I guess it might work, we'll bring this guy to you next week and you can do what you to with him to finally get him out of your life!

Chris- Thanks guys, I owe you one!

Bert- Well, actually we owe you, and we're even now!

Chris- Well, whatever, just bring him next week and you guys can help me take care of him. Maybe use that wrestling training.

The two men start to climb back into thier hummer.

Bert- Yeah, the whole day of wrestling school before we were kicked out!

Chris- Good times!

Earl- I'd love to stay and chat but we have to capture a criminal for ya, see ya next week!

Chris- Good luck guys!

Chris waves as the Hummer turns and drives out of the parking lot.

Chris- Well, next week, this all ends!

Chris walks back into the building and the camera fades out.

Quote :
My last RP this week, it will lead to a segment next week, so I hope everyone is keeping up with my RP's!
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PostSubject: Re: Steve Jones Vs peppers   

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Steve Jones Vs peppers
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