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 Big Daddy B vs Jack Purcell

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PostSubject: Big Daddy B vs Jack Purcell   Fri Aug 15, 2008 3:42 am

[we open up on a large stage, it looks to be in an arena somewhere, we just have no idea, as the camera pans around, we see that it is none other then the arena where DUW's 4th ppv was held, the arena is pitch black for a second, and as the camera pans again, it stops in the middle of the ring area and everything goes black again, when the lights come back on, in the middle of the ring is none other then Big Daddy B...he looks very frusturated and irritated, as the camera pans in on him, he grabs a mic]

Big Daddy B: i was just watching some clips from my match at DUW SS, and i have to say that it was not my best work, yeah i could have done better, but hell i had a bad week, but that is all going to change, no longer will i lose any more matches, because i was this close to getting gold last week and i will not let that slip through my fingers again, i guarentee you that much right now.

[looks into the aisles and sees that everyone is just staring at him]

Big Daddy B: now onto more striking matters at hand, i have a match this saturday night against none other than Jack Purcell, this guy is a major nut job, but hell i will beat him, like i have beaten people in the past, you say that if you lose to me, then you will leave DUW, then i will make the same promise to all of you fans out there and to management backstage listening right now, if i lose to Jack Purcell....Big Daddy B will leave DUW forever, never to return.

[waits a few seconds]

Big Daddy B: Jack, you say im not hardcore, well we both know that i am hardcore, because i stopped you from moving on, and unfortunately we both lost to Alexis, which makes us both look really bad, but then again it could be worse, oh wait it is, because she now has the title that we are both looking for. and no offense but you couldnt beat the shit out of anyone especially me, so how about you take those words and shove them straight up your ass, cause that is where they belong, because i am tired of hearing them. and even if you do win, you dont have what it takes to beat alexis, the only people you will beat are light heavyweights and maybe some newbies, and thats that.

[smiles as he waits to say his last comment]

Big Daddy B: you take your steel chair and ill take my sledge hammer and we will see who wins, hahaha, you have no idea what you have gotten yourself into, you say that your going to beat me, and yet, how many times have people said that, and then i beat them within and inch of there lives, yeah, i may not have a perfect streak anymore, but i will make up for that on saturday, because i will not let myself or these fans down good luck purcell, because im coming after you.

[grabs his sledgehammer and walks out of the ring, the arena goes black, and when the lights turn back on, he is knowhere to be seen]
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Big Daddy B vs Jack Purcell
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