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=End Of Days=


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PostSubject: Untitled   Mon Aug 11, 2008 3:44 pm

The breeze. Whistling a tune of sorrowness. Itís hard not to notice it, his shirt ripples with the strength of it. He often came here in times of thought, it perhaps was a betrayal of his character that he relied so much on the serenity. Lightning rumbles and rolls from above, crashing to the ground in a composition of destruction. The rain pours from above, clashing against the simple background.


Except for the dim moonlight above, that floods through the streets below.

He stands above the city. His city.

"Imagine something for me gentlemen. Imagine the city that lays at your feet, at our feet, is DUW. Imagine that the streets, the cars, the buildings, bring it all together, and see Dangerous Undergorund Wrestling."

"See Dari Wheeler, see the Dangerous Championship that James Blaze was injured over, see everything."

"Then see it burn, see it in flames, see it crumble to the ground as you stand by and watch. See the buildings tumble on top of the cars, the cars melt and crack the roads, and see it collapse. See it all come to an end as you stand above it and smile. Enjoy that feeling, keep that feeling close to you, and put it in every single second you spend in that ring, knowing and making sure that you, me, and everyone else will see it happen."

"The end is near my people."

"The company known as D.U.W will crumble before your very eyes."


"Very soon..."

The camera cuts to black, yet cracked and fadded letters, barly visable, appear.

"He Returns... Sooner than later..."

Just a little something that took 5 minutes to throw together to get the rust off. Meh.

**Do Not Continue**
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