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 Sample RP(Devon Poole)

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PostSubject: Sample RP(Devon Poole)   Wed Aug 06, 2008 10:29 pm

OOC:Sorry if its not allowed,but i C&Ped a RP from one of my other feds,just to show you guys how good i can be.i can delete it and make a regular RP sample if i need to,but here..

The Camera comes in to see Devon Poole in some gym Training area.He is seen with his head sunken down,just sitting there,contemplating in his head.With Bandages seen wrapped around his rib cage/stomach area,he speaks...

*Everytime...Everytime i look at these D@mned Bandages Wrapped Around reminds me of what happened last week,the results of my Last Encounter with Samuel Hessingstock.And It seems,that Everytime I think about that specific moment in time,i get a certain.. my arms..even my Heart..and this Feeling i

Devon's head then steadily raises up to face the camera.As he is seen completely facing the camera,his face looks completely flushed,as if he hasnt gotten ANY sleep in days.his eyes,Bloodshotted red,but with no emotion.Just a Blank face from Devon as he continues...

*Samuel..the funny Thing between This animosity we've had and my other that I KNOW what i've done wrong..I KNOW that i've started this little hate That you STILL carry for me,no matter how unintentional It originally was.Its Funny,that No Matter How Much I Try to LEAVE the past behind myself and you,it comes back to me,but in the form of your UGLY MUG,TIME AAFTER TIME AFTER TIME!No Matter How Badly i WANT to change my carrer for the still come after me,hoping to end it.Everytime I try to Finish things on a good note,YOU re-appear to continue this little war in your little Head.Well Samuel..Im Done with the games.Im Tired Of all Of the Low,Underhanded comments and Actions on your Part.Sam..Simply Put..Im Done being a your path...

Devon at this point,still with a blank,enotionless face,looks away from the camera.He speaks again...

*Let's Look at the facts Once and FOR ALL,Sam.Throughout these've callen me..."undeserving".."a fluke"..a "quitter"..and the Recent thing was "Nothing special"..Samuel..could it be..that you look at MY success in the ring,and get upset at what YOU'VE accomplished so far?

Forget About Championship Reigns.You know What,Right Now,F*CK CHAMPIONSHIPS!Let's Get down to the TRUE essence of this sport:Wins and Losses.Throughout my Time Here,I have Busted My A$$ TEN TIMES OVER,just to get the respect of the Fans.Just to Get the Respect of my build a Legacy that I and Others can look back in a POSITIVE way.Look at the 3,4,and Even FIVE star Matches that I've Put On in 2007 ALONE,not to mention 2005 and 6.Whether It was Gamr,Mike,Or Coz,Whether i was Cheered to Death or Booed like Crazy,Sam,Whether it was WIN,LOSE,Or DRAW...I gave those people out there something MORE important than winning the mountain,Main Eventing The Paramount AND winning the OUW title in one..Samuel..I've Always Made it my give the fans something GOOD to walk out of the Arena with.Samuel...i give those people out there..memories..

A bit of a happy Devon is seen as he grows a bit of a smile back.It quickly goes away as Devon returns to being emotionless as he resumes speaking..

*..and Samuel,to me..just Going out there,Putting On a good SHow..means MORE to me than "Gaining Momentum" for the latest Pay-Per-View,or "Restoring Honor" to a title.Samuel,I Wear My Heart on my SLEEVE,and EVERYBODY on God's Green earth Recognizes that..Except You..

Devon's face seems to be showing an Actual Expresion again...however,this expression in an expression of anger instead of an expression of happiness.devon continues to speak...

*No Matter How HARD i work in the try to dismiss it.You try to DOWNPLAY my work,But you Are the SAME man who NEVER defeated me in one on one Competition,EVER.Me,No Challenge?In my Debut,I Nearly Pushed Gamr to his Limits.Paramount II,did the SAME to mike.The Past Few Times I've Faced X,DONE THE SAME.Even The So-Called "Futures" like Chris Stern or Tsyoushi Heishi have been Pushed to their Limits by me...and yet,I am No Challenge?That's Funny,Sam.One Can remember YOUR first round of matches here,and We will NEVER forgest exactly WHO you pinned to win your OUW championship.Samuel..It's Ok to Be cocky..but when someone like you Actually BELIEVES the lies and False acusations he spouts out,Some PHYSICAL action needs to be taken,and don't take it the wrong way,when i say that i WILL be the person to TAKE that action..

Devon shakes his head,and looks to th ecamera again,with eyes that would make Any man feel bad just by looking into them.He speaks..

* are the LOWEST of low when it comes to standards here in the OUW.ALL you EVER think about is Championship FAIL to ever Remember the People that you've Hurt in order to Gain what You have..Think about BDS,How HIS family must feel after having to WATCH what you've done to him.Think About Rachel Watts,Your WIFE,who is sitting at home,saddened by the Fact that Her own HUSBAND crushed her Dreams with No Remorse..Think about YOUR BROTHER,who because of you,cant speak,cant think,Cant live out HIS dreams because of your Selfishness.Samuel,you Think that I am Undeserving?Wrong,YOU,SAM,ARE THE MOST UNDESERVING MAN IN OUW!But You Know...its too bad you Wont REALIZE that,Until You are An Old Man,and have NOBODY to go to.Nobody to wake Up with.Nobody to Talk to on the Phone.Nowher to Call a Home,and NOBODY to call a Family.All You'll Have..are tapes of old matches,and Some Replicas of your Past Accomplishments.Part of me feels bad..and part of happy.... know..that your Day is Coming,and it is Coming QUICKLY,and At Ascention...i have the power to Make that day come sooner for you,Samuel.For the First time in a While,Sam,YOU will be the stringed Puppet,andi will be YOUR puppeteer.And Trust me Sam..I WILL NOT let you get a Hold of the Intercontinental Championship.It's ALREADY had its fair share of Power-Hungry,Egotistical B@STARDS not unlike yourself Hold the title.So At Ascention..whether i end up risking MY OWN career...i will Make D@MN sure that You DO NOT win the INtercontinental Championship..Get Ready,Sam..your Fall BACK to reality..starts..NOW...
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Sample RP(Devon Poole)
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