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 D-ToX vs. Assassin

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Dave Johnson

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PostSubject: D-ToX vs. Assassin   Tue Aug 05, 2008 2:23 am

RP Start: Now
Max RPs: 5
RP Deadline: 8/9/08 Saturday Morning 10:00am EST
Show Date: 10/8/08 Sunday Night
Where: Manhattan, New York

~Fourth Match~
*3 Stages Of Hell Match*

1. Steel Cage
2. Dangerous Rules
3. Last Man Standing

D-ToX (c) vs. Assassin

This is a huge match for Assassin as he looks to change things over here in DUW with his record. He has come extremely close the past couple of weeks, and apparently The AKA are going to come along to watch this. If Assassin wins, will he join The AKA? D-ToX is the main man for this match up as he is on a career high.

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PostSubject: Re: D-ToX vs. Assassin   Thu Aug 07, 2008 3:14 am

A Night Off

The scene opens with D-ToX sitting in airport, he has a small carry on bag, and has his XV and tag title around his waste, covered by his black suit jacket. He drops his head back and closes his eyes.

Familiar voice:
Dee is that you,

No autographs, Iím tired, sorry

Familiar voice:
Itís me you idiot.

D-ToX opens his eyes, his vision a bit blurred, he sees a figure that he recognises and that person comes clear into vision.


Familiar voice:
No, itís Gonzo you idiot.

Jesus Christ

D-ToX jumps up and shakes Gonzoís hand; we can now see the man, he is wearing a cheap white suit, and a tacky Hawaiian shirt. The man takes of his gold framed sun glasses, and both men sit down.

What the hell are you doing here?

Me, Iím getting ready to fly to Manhattan, Iím still wrestling, and doing quite well.

He points down at his titles.

But what are you doing here; I thought you moved to Europe.

I was there for a while, but after getting married twice, at the same time, to two very different people, one was a man.


Iím kiddingÖ sort off.
But Iím back in the US of A, and Iíve got a few new business deals set up for next week. I was just going to go hit the party district in this town.

D-ToX: (looking very confused)
Ok, wellÖenjoy it.

Why donít you come with?
It will be cool; we will drink, drug and pick up some chicks.

You go ahead; Iíve got a very important match itís a PPV, I need to be ready

Iím payingÖ


We cut to both men in an open top convertible; we can only imagine the amount of substances that have passed between the two of them. D-ToX is driving with his eyes wide open, and gonzo is out cold, with a bottle of whiskey in his hand.

D-ToX: (acting very paranoid, twitching and wildly blinking)Oh my god, oh my god, were did I put it were did I put it.

His eyes facing forwards, hands still on the wheel.

I knew I had it here somewhere
Oh god if he finds out hes going to be very mad.

Gonzo: (slurred)

The steering wheel, were is the steering wheel.

In your hands.

You sure

Yes, positive


Shut up

Ok, now we have the wheel, we can get going, did you put in the petrol

Youíre already driving the car.

The car swerves uncontrollably as D-ToX realises heís driving.


Relax, its just the stuff kicking in, it fucks the mind

What was it?

I donít know, but itís infamous.



In my mind


Too late, Iím going to hit it.

Pull over

No time

Concentrate, youíre in a car, with me, on an open highway.


Look thereís a turn off, take it, it looks like a small town. Perfect

They drive into this small town and park in a hotel car park. They both get out, Gonzo grabs his brief case and they head to the reception

Hello, we need a room


No each.

Ok, sign here, and il take a deposit


They hand over the money and go stand outside.

Right I think you need to rest, those drugs have kicked in, hard

NOOOOOÖ.. What we need is a monkey

Were not getting a monkey


We cut again to a few hours later, there both sitting on the bedroom floor, and monkey is swinging around on the light over the wardrobe and across the curtain rail.

Were did we get the monkey?

I donít know

Is it safe?

Properly not

I think we did too much of that stuff


I canít feel my hat

You werenít wearing a hat.

Then whatís on my head

Nothing, thatís the problem,

So why am I scared

Because thereís a warlock on your back

Oh heís cool; he buys me cake and hammers.



Then the bathroom door opens and there stands an amazingly hot girl, they both stare at her with a confuse look on there face.

You guys feel better after that

Who the fuck is that

I donít know

Its ok, I do.

Youíre out of it

So are you

prove it

D-ToX flicks the air

Hey donít you flick my glitter fairy, sheís trying to restÖ.oh point proven

ErmÖ Guys are you just going to ignore me.

Hang on a second

Both men stand up and turn away from the girl.

What did we do?

ErmÖ well I remember drugs

Yes there was definitely a lot of unknown drugs, but after that what the fuck did we do.

Her, I think

Youíre not helping, I remember a club, dancing, and we must have met her there.

They both turn back

Did you have a nice time at the club?

I wasnít there.

Oh yeah

They turn back

Ok after that, we went to a shop

They turn to her again

We met you in the shop didnít we?


They turn back

What shop though?

They turn back; the girl is now cuddling the monkey and feeding it a banana

Pet shop

They walk over, and stroke the monkey

It was good, last night, wasnít it?

Oh yeah


Just then the door is smashed down, a swat team burst in, and everybody hits the deck, there are loads of police swarming, and noise of shouting and instructions fill the air. Soon it all dies down D-ToX and Gonzo have there head firmly on the floor, and canít see whatís going on. When everything is silent, they both lift up; there is nothing but destruction, but the girl and the monkey are gone, the door has been ripped apart, they both walk outside, the place is empty.

Letís go Ive got a match.

Well three actually, against a guy named Assassin, I canít help think he my have done more training than I have, but at least the drugs are wearing off.

D-ToX turns to Gonzo, who is pointing to the sky

Look, a dinosaur


Gonzo then collapses, D-ToX, picks him up and throws him in the back seat before taking the drivers position and driving out of the car park at high speed, dust filling the air, D-ToX, now with a relaxed mind, ready for action.
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PostSubject: Re: D-ToX vs. Assassin   Thu Aug 07, 2008 7:49 pm

Manhattan New York is where we find DUW this time as they get ready for their big PPV event Sacrificing Sins. In this big event we will see Dari wheeler put the Universal title on the line against James Sync. Weíll also see a new champion crowned as Big Daddy B Alexis Luciano & Jack Purcell go at it in a ladder match

D-Tox puts the extreme violence title on the line in a three stages of hell match against Assassin. Steve Jones takes on Poison in out opening match. And Chris Peppers Camel Clutch & Mike Copani collide in a three way

Chris Murphy: Welcome DUW fans. We are here in Manhattan New York for this live PPV event. Iím Chris Murphy and as always Iím joined by my broadcast partner Daniel Mills.

Daniel Mills: Thatís right Chris. We are here in New York for this big PPV event and I for one am looking forward to it. Weíve got three title matches at this event. One new title will be crowned and unveiled this week. And two champions will look to turn back two different challengers for their title belts.

Chris Murphy: Thatís right Daniel. Assassin takes on D-Tox in a three stages of Hell match. And Dari Wheeler puts the strap on the line against James Sync. The question is will both challengers walk out with gold? Or will it just be one or none of them.

Daniel Mills: ThatĎs a good question. Chris. And one Iím looking forward to getting answered come Sacrificing Sins. Weíll be back with more coverage from Manhattan after this commercial break.

Commercial Break

We return from the commercial break as we see Assassin entering the DUW arena in Manhattan as we see Assassin wearing a blue Notre Dame Fighting Irish t shirt and blue jeans. Assassin has a smile on his face as he walks into the building to the cheers of the crowd

Daniel Mills: We are back folks and as you can see Assassin has arrived to the arena.

Chris Murphy: Your right Daniel. Assassin is in the building and he looks relaxed for a man thatís about to go through three stages of hell.

Daniel Mills: Your right Chris. Assassin will take on D Tox at Sacrificing Sins with the extreme violence title on the line.

We cut backstage as we see Assassin walking towards his locker room door as we see Danny Cool running towards Assassin waving a microphone around

Danny Cool: Assassin wait I want to talk with you.

Assassin looks towards Dannyís direction as he walks towards his locker room door grabbing the knob as Danny Cool reaches Assassinís door

Danny Cool: Assassin my name isÖ

Assassin turns and cuts him off

Assassin: I know what your name is. Your Danny Cool. You work for DUW as an interviewer.

Danny Cool: Thatís right Assassin. Anyway I wanted to speak with you about your upcoming match with D Tox.

Assassin: Well Danny as you can see I just got here to the building. And right now I just want to get settled.

Danny Cool: I respect that.

Danny Cool nods as Assassin opens the door before turning back towards Danny

Assassin: When I am ready to talk with you I will find you.

Danny nods his head before walking away as Assassin closes his locker room door

Daniel Mills: Well Assassin doesnít seem to want to talk right now.

Chris Murphy: Well I donít blame him. This upcoming match is going to be an uphill battle.

Daniel Mills: I will agree with you on that part.

Our cameras continue to stay backstage as we see Assassin emerge from his locker room sporting his Notre Dame t-shirt. Assassin closes his locker room door and walks down the hallway as we see Danny Cool running from the other direction towards Assassin

Danny Cool: Assassin can I get that interview with you now?

Assassin turns towards Danny Cool and smiles

Assassin: Alright Danny letís hear what youíve got to ask.

Danny Cool: Well this past week you lost a match that would have found you in a four way for the new DUW title belt. But now you find yourself in a title with D Tox. But the strange thing about this is that your other two opponents have suddenly been pulled out of the match.

Assassin cuts Danny off taking hold of the microphone

Assassin: And let me guess you think I had something to do with it. Or that I knew about it?

Danny Cool: Well, yea. Whatís the deal?

Assassin turns towards Danny and shakes his head

Assassin: I have no idea. All I know is that there not in this match. And thatís not going to be my problem anymore. Hell everybody already knows that I am a member of the A.K.A. But that doesnít matter right now. The only thing that matters to me is beating D Tox in this match and taking his title belt.

Danny Cool: Of course you know your going to have a fight on your hands right?

Assassin looks at Danny and mocks him

Assassin: Of course I know that you dumb ass. I expect a good fight. Iím all about a good fight and this should and will be a good fight.

Danny Cool: Of course. I have to ask are you looking forward to this match?

Assassin: Well yes I am looking forward to this match. Iíve got to start in a steel cage match. I have no problem with that at all. And then match two is a dangerous rules match. I have no idea what the hell that match is. But Iím looking forward to it as well.

Assassin: And then if we go to a third fall itís going to be a last man standing match. Again another fall Iím looking forward to. And the reason Iím looking forward to it is being able to hold a championship.

Danny Cool: Of course. Do you have any comments about your opponent?

Assassin looks at Danny Cool and walks away as Danny chases after him

Danny Cool: Well Assassin do you have anything to say about D Tox?

Assassin keeps walking towards the entrance area as Danny stops and shakes his head

Assassin: Thatís fine if you donít want to talk then go ahead. Just remember I tried.

Danny walks away as Assassin steps through the ramp way as ďThe OutsiderĒ comes over the PA as Assassin steps through the curtain to the cheers of the crowd

Daniel Mills: Well Assassin is out here Iím guessing to publicly talk about his opponent.

Chris Murphy: What gave you that idea?

Daniel Mills: Shut up Chris.

Assassin walks down the ramp sliding under the bottom rope and into the ring. Assassin stands up after entering the ring as he walks across the ring grabbing a microphone from the ring announcer as his music stops

Assassin grabs hold of the microphone and walks to the middle of the ring as the crowd cheers

Assassin: Last week I lost a four way that would have found me in a title match for a new title. But I lost the match and Iím not proud of losing that match. Of course my record around here hasnít been the best lately. But Iím looking forward to making the best of this match.

The crowd cheers as Assassin continues

Assassin: Now this week itís PPV time. This is my first PPV event here in DUW and Iíve found my way in a three stages of hell match. I know that D Tox is the current champion and I have all the respect for him because he is a champion. But thatís where it ends.

Assassin: D Tox you have that title belt and Iím sure youíve with stood some damn good challenges. But Iím looking forward to putting up a good fight and Iím not going to back down. The thing about this match is that itís a good feeling for me. Because I love the violence, I love the bloodshed and this match is going to be a great dish of violence.

Assassin pauses as he walks around the ring

Assassin: Now I know that youíre not stupid. I know that you know that Iím not going to be an easy mark. I know your not going to be an easy mark for me. But Iím going to beat the crap out of you. I might not win the first fall but I will beat the piss out of you and make you my bitch.

Assassin: D Tox I hope that your clean for this match I really do. Because when Iím done beating your ass and Iíve taken your title belt. I donít want o hear any excuses that you werenít on your game. Be on your game D Tox because Iím not going to take anything less then the best.

Assassin drops the microphone as ďThe OutsiderĒ comes back over the PA once again as we watch Assassin climb out of the ring

Daniel Mills: Assassin sounds like heís ready for a fight. And if I were D Tox Iíd be on my game.

Chris Murphy: I agree with you Daniel. This match could be a dark horse for match of the night.

Assassin walks up the ramp steeping through the curtain as our feed ends
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PostSubject: Re: D-ToX vs. Assassin   Sat Aug 09, 2008 7:43 am

Our scene opens we hear the faint sounds of a church bell ringing in the distance the ringing from the bell continues as it starts to sound less and less faint as our camera zooms up and we see the church bell ringing high a top of the tower. Several people are seen bustling around the church several of them are priest dressed in there clothing as they are holding a bible in there hand as they walk along

Our cameraman moves towards the church passing by several more people as he makes his way closer towards the church as he finally reaches the door of the church walking inside as we see that no one is sitting in the church. Our cameras soon find that to be untrue as we see someone sitting at very front of the church in a pew. The person in question appears to have there head down as our cameraman makes his way down the church isle towards the front of the church

As we get closer to the front of the church we can slowly begin to hear the person speaking to someone as they have there head lowered. Our cameraman reaches the front of the church as we see the person still with there head lowered and a hood on there head keeping there face hidden from sight

The cameraman walks over to the pew and takes a seat as he focuses the camera onto the person sitting next to him as we hear a few more words coming from the person before they finally raise there right hand touching it to there head. This person then moves his head towards the left side of his body followed by the right side before finally touching the top & bottom side of his body and dropping his hand down to his side

Assassin: This seems to be the one place I can be at peace. The one place where itís possible to actually be alone with your thoughts.

Assassin raises both of his hand and removes the hood from his head revealing his face as we can see the stains from tears that have streamed down his face

Assassin: I figured sooner or later youíd seek me out. I just knew it would happen but I had hope that you wouldnít do it here. Not in a place thatís meant for peace and harmony. But yet here you are. And Iím going to have to deal with it.

Assassin raises his head up as he turns and looks into the camera gone seem to be the tears heís cried but the pain thatís been on his face remains as Assassin turns away and looks down to the floor

Assassin: I came here seeking peace. I came here seeking answers and I think I actually have them now. I think that what I came here looking to find I found. Of course Iím not going to tell you what it was I came here looking for. Thatís between me & God and no one else.

Assassin stands up from the pew as he raises his right hand and does the cross over his body before turning and walking up the isle of the church as the camera follows after him. Assassin makes his way up the isle of the church reaching the doors as he slowly pushes them open and walks outside into the cold air as we again hear the ringing coming from the church bell as Assassin walks down a path passing by several people as he keeps his head hidden putting back on the hood as the cameraman continues to chase after him

Assassin keeps walking until he bumps into a priest

Assassin: Sorry father I must not have been paying attention.

The priest nods his head as Assassin starts to walk away when the priest stops him

Priest: Is there something on your mind son? Something you wish to talk about?

Assassin looks at the priest before shifting his eyes towards the cameraman and then back top the priest

Assassin: No father I donít have anything to talk about. The answers I have come here to find I have found.

Priest: For that I am glad my son. But it still seems as if something is on your mind.

Assassin shakes his head assuring the priest that nothing is on his mind

Priest: Well my son if there is something you need to talk about then just come find me and I will listen.

Assassin nods his head as he starts to walk away while the priest does the same but Assassin suddenly stops and turns around as he walks after then priest stopping him before he enters the church

Priest: What is it my son?

Assassin: I do have something I would like to discuss with you.

Priest: Alright my son thatís what Iím here for.

Assassin: Is there anywhere we can go to talk privately?

The priest nods as he walks into the church with Assassin following behind him. The priest leads Assassin back into the church before coming to a stop as he turns around

Priest: Here we are my son. All you have to do is step inside there and I will listen to anything you wish to speak about.

Assassin nods as he steps into the confessional while we see the priest step into the one next to it as Assassin takes a seat and pauses for a moment to catch his breath

Priest: Whenever you are ready my son you may begin.

Assassin nods his head as he takes another breath

Assassin: Well father I have a bit of confusion going on right now in my life.

Priest: Alright my son please continue.

Assassin: Well father I seem to be finding myself wanting to dish out harm to other people. Itís almost as if I just canít help but want to hurt people father. And I donít know what to do about it.

Priest: Well my son there are many ways you can deal with anger. You can act on it which is never a good thing to do. You can talk about it my son just like you are right now. Or you can even pray about it and ask god for guidance in dealing with your anger.

Assassin: I have asked God for guidance father but I still find myself to be angry. I just came seem to come to peace with my anger father. And well Iím afraid someone might get hurt.

Priest: Well son you never want to hurt someone. Itís just not a good idea.

Assassin: I know that father. But I canít help feeling the way I do. And I just donít know what to do about it.

Priest: Do you mind if I ask when is it that youíre most angry?

Assassin: Well father itís mostly when Iím in a wrestling ring.

Priest: Ah so your one of them.

Assassin looks to his right a little surprised as he speaks up

Assassin: One of what father?

Priest: Youíre someone who thinks that talking to a priest just because youíre a wrestler is going to cleanse your soul.

Assassin: Father Iíve been involved in a church longer then Iím been wrestling.

Priest: Sure you have. You know what I think weíve talked enough. Have yourself a nice day sir.

Assassin has a look of confusion on his face as he sits in the confessional trying to figure out what just happened. Assassin stands up and walks out of the confessional as we see the priest walking away towards another group of priest as Assassin follows the priest

Assassin: Father I really would like to continue to discuss what we talked about before.

The priest stops as he stares at his other brethren before turning around and facing Assassin

Priest: As I said before my son I have nothing else to say to you.

The priest turns around as he joins his brethren while Assassin stands there confused by whatís just taken place. Assassin turns around to leaves and starts to walk away while the priests start to talk as Assassin can hear them

Priest: So why was that guy wanting to speak with you?

Priest: He was looking for guidance of course he didnít tell me he was a wrestler. You know how they are.

The other priest nods as Assassin turns around and walks there way

Assassin: Excuse me father but I couldnít help but hear what you had to say about me. For a group of priest you sure can be judgmental.

Priest: Well son for people who areÖ

Assassin: Wrestlers?

Priest: Yes those kind of guyís religion isnít a topic they take seriously.

Assassin shakes his head

Assassin: And youíd wonder why with the nice gentlemen we have here.

The priest nod as Assassin just shakes his head again

Assassin: Looks fathers. Like I told your other priest I have been a member of a church for years. Yes I am a wrestler. But religion is important top me as well.

Priest: Iím sure it is son.

The other priest nod as Assassin clinches his fist but doesnít raise it

Assassin: Look fathers I was just looking for someone to talk to but clearly I have come to the wrong place.

Assassin releases his clinched fist and turns around to walk away as the priest continue talking

Priest: See thatís what I mean guys. They just walk away every time someone talks bad about wrestling.

Assassin turns around and approaches the priest once again as he clinches his fist swinging as he nails the first priest closest to him knocking the priest top the floor. Assassin nails two other priests before the others scatter as Assassin turns and looks at the fallen priest

Assassin: All I came here for was peace and I had it. But now youíve taken that peace from me.

Assassin bends down as he looks at the fallen priest

Assassin: Oh well I guess no one can be blamed for this right?

Assassin stands up straight and walks out of the church stopping as he reaches the doors as he does the cross over his chest before pushing the doors open and walking out onto the streets

Assassin: D Tox I have found my peace of mind and as you could probably tell I lost it. But I finally figured it out. I donít need peace to do what I do. All I need is desire and motivation. Both of which I have and Iím willing to display night after night.

Assassin: So D Tox I hope your training hard I really do. Because youíre going to need it. Iím coming for you and that belt. And I wonít be stopped or denied. Your ass is mine D Tox and so is your belt.

Assassin removes the robe throwing it to the ground as we see Assassin walking away wearing a muscle shirt as we hear the ringing of the church bell as our feed ends
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PostSubject: Re: D-ToX vs. Assassin   Sat Aug 09, 2008 7:46 am

3 stages, is that all.

The scene opens, D-ToX is sitting in the catering section of the arena in Manhattan New York, its pretty quiet, with random workers eating and relaxing before they go back to work. The no smoking sign on the table is promptly ignored by the sharply dressed X-Treme violence champion, as he lights up a cigarette and stairs down the lens of the DUW camera.

A monologue is an extended, uninterrupted speech or poem by a single person. The person may be speaking his or her thoughts aloud or directly addressing other persons, and today I will be addressing my thoughts on the Assassin

Today I have been thinking, who... the... hell... are you? And why do you get three chances to try and pin me, Lucky son of a bitch! When I won the title, I had to battle threw a one shot inferno match, and I had real risk.

I have decided that I will not make this quick, however you can expect me to go for the win during the second match, but we will see how long it needs to go. The point is, I can do whatever I want to, I can set fire to the ring, cover the ring area in ice, fill the ring with broken glass and beat you over the head with a piano, if I so wish. However I believe I can sometimes be oldskool, and a nice folding chair, always hitting you, until you fall, and in one match in particular it could be for a ten count.

Then again, I am willing to concede a match to you. for example if we enter the cage, its going to be difficult for me, if we both get to the top, and I take control, lock in the arms, and drive your head into the concrete floor with the D-ToXic, technically that match would be yours, but fuck, I would rather break your neck. Itís going to be messy.

Sadly, for you, I think its going to take more than three stages. I mean if I get the first two, I win, so what you need is five out of nine, six out of eleven, so on, so on.

I do want you to know that this match will be brutal, the first inferno match in DUW, that I won, my greatest match, my finest hour, will be no were near as violent as this match, because it will be longer, and a lot more extreme, I was talking to some workers earlier on, and apparently a lot more fans watch the PPVS, because it guarantees blood and no holds bared violence.

And Iím not a man that likes to disappoint.

He stubs out his cigarette, and we fade to black, and DUW logo.
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PostSubject: Re: D-ToX vs. Assassin   

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D-ToX vs. Assassin
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