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 Mike Copani vs. Camel Clutch vs. Chris Peppers

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Dave Johnson

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PostSubject: Mike Copani vs. Camel Clutch vs. Chris Peppers   Tue Aug 05, 2008 2:23 am

RP Start: Now
Max RPs: 5
RP Deadline: 8/9/08 Saturday Morning 10:00am EST
Show Date: 10/8/08 Sunday Night
Where: Manhattan, New York

~Second Match~
*Standard Triple Threat Match*

Mike Copani vs. Camel Clutch vs. Chris Peppers

Mike, Chris and Tony Ryan battle it what should be one of the most back anf fourth matches here. Camel Clutch has been on fire lately, but do not write Mike or Chirs off as they are great challengers.

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PostSubject: Re: Mike Copani vs. Camel Clutch vs. Chris Peppers   Sat Aug 09, 2008 12:41 pm

The camera fades in to show Chris Peppers sitting in his locker room staring at a TV showing his loss the week before repeating and repeating. His manager sits parallel to the TV and stares at Chris. After a few minutes he shakes his head and sighs.

Camera Man- Come on Chris, you can't watch it all the time, you have to stop! Look, we need to get you out onto the town and have some fun or something...

Chris- No! I don't get it, I do what the fans want and I still lose! What is wrong with me?

Camera Man- Look, it's OK, you have a match at Sacrificing Sins, you can can turn this streak around, I know you can.

Chris- What is wrong with me?

Camera Man- Hey, man, you go crazy again and I'm not taking you to counciling, you're own your own! What are you upset about, look this tag team thing may work towards you're advantage.

Chris- I know Big Daddy B is a great wrestler, but I'll just slow him down...what is wrong with me?

The Camera Man gets up and walks to the TV and turns it off.

Camera Man- Chris, shape up, stop bitching and act like a man!

Chris- What is wrong with me?

Camera Man- That's it! Look you're gonna be on your own at the Pay-per-view! You win and I'll come manage you again, you lose and I'm gone forever!

The Camera Man storms out of the room as the camera turns back to show Peppers sitting in his chair and repeating...

Chris- What is wrong with me?

The camera fades out.
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Carmine Moltisanti

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PostSubject: Re: Mike Copani vs. Camel Clutch vs. Chris Peppers   Sat Aug 09, 2008 3:55 pm

The Pay-Per-View
*The camera slowly panes in the manager's room in a high class upper echelon hotel.The scene starts at the door but slowly reaches the interior of the room, where the action is happening

You fucking mutt, you fucking mutt bastard I should kill and rape your family!

Listen, Mike, we can settle this without any unwanted casualties.Do us all a favor...and keep quiet, eh?

I'll do us all a favor by cutting off your head and sending it to your mother's doorstep you bastard!

Mike, you seem raged, calm down, Mike, I know how angry you can get, just keep calm, nobody needs to die, Mike look at me, *Man grabs Mike's chin in the palm of his hands and brings him to eye-level*

*Mike slaps the man's hand away.*Get the fuck off me you sweaty bastard I'll cut your hands off the next time you make a fidget! *Mike pulls out a typical handgun, pushes the fat man to the nearest wall and furiously screams curses and has the man at gunpoint against the wall.

Ugh..ugh...kaaa..urghhh..Did you forget I'm a fucking captain? I'll have your balls!....urgh..kkkkkkaaca

*Mike pistol whips the fat man in the face and puts the gun away and begins to punch him in his obese fatass gut, Mike gets tired of this and pushes the overly large man on the floor and kicks him in the stomach he delivers a final right shoe to the face of the man.Mike pulls out a switch blade and kneels down to see the man.*


Just like I said last get knocked over, and you bounce back.Guess what? I got knocked off the ladder, but unfortunately for my opponents, this is the week I bounce back.A triple threat means I have three opponents, Tony Fuckface and Chris Peppers, and the Rules.You can keep asking yourself whats your problem, but I'm going to be that problem in that ring for the second time.Haven't I already beaten you Chris? You're lucky you're not in the hospital like some, too bad you have to face me once more.You see I'm in the mood, to drink some beer, , fight and fuck a virgin college girl.Wanna know why? Because I'm Mike Copani.The bringer of pain, just like Rex Grossman on the football field, "Fuck it, I'm going deep!" But no, "Fuck it, I'm going deep!" when I'm in the bed.But enough about me, who the heck are you guys to come into the ring,and fight me when I'm the far superior athlete? The DUW management is going to have a tough time paying all these medical bills, because I dish out pain like McDonald's and French Fries.I'm 270 lbs. of twisted steel and sex appeal.Mike Copani!
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PostSubject: Re: Mike Copani vs. Camel Clutch vs. Chris Peppers   

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Mike Copani vs. Camel Clutch vs. Chris Peppers
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