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 Information: Read this first!

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Dari Wheeler


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PostSubject: Information: Read this first!   Fri Jul 11, 2008 1:08 am

Rankings for each DUW superstar - based on a points system, will be posted here after each show. If you have any questions about these rankings, please PM me.

Please don't post new topics on this board, although feel free to respond to any of the topics to comment on your place in the rankings or mock your rivals, haha.

A basic outline of points are as follows.

Universal Champion: 5 Points
Dangerous Champion: 4 Points
Tag Champions: 3 Points Each
Xtreme Violence Champ: 2 Points

Win any title: 5 Points
Lose any title: -3 Points
Cash XV title: 3 Points (cancels out title 'loss')

Win a singles/tag team match: 1 Point
Win a Triple Threat: 2 Points
Win a Fatal 4-Way: 4 Points
Win any match featuring more than four wrestlers: 6 Points
Defeat any champion (none-title): 1 Point
Win Main Event: 1 Point
Win at a PPV: 1 Point

Lose a singles/tag team match: -1 Point
Lose a Triple Threat: -1 Point
-Wrestler pinned/submits: -2 Points
Lose a Fatal 4-Way: - -1 Point
-Wrestler pinned/submits: -3 Points
Lose a 5+ contestant match: -1 Point
-Wrestler pinned/submits: -4 Points

Note: 'Wrestler pinned/submits' penalties, in elimination matches, apply to the first participant eliminated.

Also, in cases of Fatal 4-Ways such as Ladder matches, no 'Wrestler pinned/submits' penalty is applied.

Win cumulative matches (up to five): 1 Point
Win five matches in a row: 3 Points
Win cumulative matches (up to ten): 2 Points
Win ten matches in a row: 7 Points
Win cumulative matches (no limit): 3 Points
Win twenty matches in a row: 15 Points

End opponent's five-match streak: 5 Points
End opponent's ten-match streak: 10 Points
End opponent's >ten-match streak: 15 Points



DUW Universal Champion: 15th July 08 - Present
Tag Team Champion (with D-ToX): 2nd August 08 - Present
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Information: Read this first!
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