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 The Bitch Is Here (Open RP)

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PostSubject: The Bitch Is Here (Open RP)   Mon Jul 07, 2008 2:07 pm

Our scene opens during a local DUW house show event. The arena has been sold out, packed shoulder to shoulder with screaming rabid fans, each cheering and yelling loudly as they anxiously anticipate the arrivals of their favorite wrestlers. Suddenly, "Just A Girl" by No Doubt starts to play through the loudspeakers. The fans turn their heads towards the rampway, wondering who may be making his or her way out. Stepping from behind the curtain emerges one of the newest entrants to sign a contract within Dangerous Under-Rated Wrestling, D.W. Kendra. The twenty one year old blonde bombshell makes her way down the aisle with a serious look within her eyes, carting along with her a six pack of Sam Adams in her right hand. The crowd seems slightly perplexed, not knowing yet whether to cheer or boo, though their reactions seem not to phase her in the least. She walks over to the ring announcer and shoves him out of the steel chair he sits in, taking hold of it with her free hand. She tosses it over her head as the chair bounces into the middle of the ring. She then procedes to snatch the poor man's microphone away, carrying it with her as she climbs the steel stairs and walks through the ropes, entering the ring. She moves over to the fallen chair, straightening it out and setting it upright in the center of the ring. She then sets her drinks down upon the mat and takes a seat, looking around at the fans all over the arena. She waits for her music to stop before raising the microphone to her lips to speak.

D.W.: I suppose all of you people are wondering just who the hell I am. Well, I might as well introduce myself. My name is D.W. Kendra, the "Dirty White Bitch", if you will. It's not the prettiest name in the world, but then again, pretty has never truly been my style. You see, I have been a really big fan of the sport of professional wrestling for many years. I have studied countless tapes, went through many long months of training and hardship, and put myself through hell and high water in order to achieve my goal of becoming a wrestler and performing right here inside of the ring. It is a passion that flows vividly through my veins, but unfortunately, it seems that I have also came across an obstacle. You see, when it comes to the male wrestlers, you people have no problems taking them seriously. You cheer for your champions, you chant for their high risk moves, cage matches, bloodshed, all of that pain and suffering that comes with paying your dues and making your way up to the top. That's all fine and dandy, but then again, I'm not a male wrestler here. I am a woman, and when it comes to the females, there seems to be a severe lackluster of talent and treatment around here. The ladies more often than not end up being thrown in pillow fights, costume contests, bra and panties, pool of chocolate pudding, and whatever other stupid crap you can come up with. It seems that all the promoters are interested in when it comes to their lady talents is big breasts and a slender ass. To be quite honest with all of you, that kind of disgusting treatment simply makes me sick. It is pathetic that we are seen as nothing more than sex objects. It's even worse that around ninety nine percent of the women in this industry sit back and allow it to happen. And what is probably the worst of all, is that all of you people cheer for it. Female viewers laugh at that, and the males get off on it. Well, I have some disappointing news from you. That era is about to end, and I am here to make a change.

D.W. reaches for one of her bottles, removing it from the box before speaking again.

D.W.: When I signed a contract to compete here in this company, I did so as a wrestler. This means that I am not out here to do anything else other than kick people's asses. I am not here to entertain any of you. I am not here to be humiliated. I am simply out here to look for a good old fashioned fight wherever and whenever I can find it. And hey, I am not going to limit myself to simply beating up the women around here. While I will gladly drag any one of your bimbo beauties out here and hand your pampered butts to yourselves, I would not think twice about treating all of the guys any different. It's not really a matter of if I face a male opponent, but rather when and where, because whether you like it or not, it's going to happen sooner or later. Hell, I'll go as far to tell you that I'll even be wearing one of your title belts somewhere down the line. But hey, all of that is for another time. Let's get down to the business at hand.

D.W. removes the cap from her bottle, flicking it away as she looks out at the crowd.

D.W.: I know that all of you paid good money to see some action tonight. But you see, all of those advertised matches are just going to have to wait. I was told by the owner Dave Johnson that I would indeed be making my debut very soon. That's really swell, but I really don't feel like waiting until then. It's dawned upon me that I have yet to meet anybody from the DUW roster. Since I don't have the patience to wait until my first match, I figured that I would come out here and do something about it. What's going to happen right here tonight is one of two things. Number one, I am going to sit here all night long along with a six pack of cold Sammys, drinking each of them one by one until I get completely hammered. Or number two, somebody from the back, be it a woman, a man, a hermaphrodite, anyone who has a single ounce of courage and fortitude will step out of that locker room, walk down to this ring, and see if they can get me to leave peacefully. Either way, I'm going to have a blast tonight. Too bad I can't say the same for all of these fans.

D.W. places the microphone in her lap. She raises her open bottle in the air before drawing it to her mouth, taking a long drink as she waits......

(TBC by anyone)
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PostSubject: Re: The Bitch Is Here (Open RP)   Wed Jul 09, 2008 11:14 am

As she is sitting there after finishing all six of her drinks, because of the length of time it took for someone to decide to respond to her. So as she sits there for a good while the lights go out and blue and green alsers shoot down on the entryway showing up brilliantly amongst the smoke which has filled the stage as Trick Daddy's "Let's Go Begins."

If you want it you can get it let me know... let me know
I'm bout to fuck a nigga up, Lets Gooooo!... Lets Gooooo!
If you want it you can get it let me know... let me know
I'm bout to fuck a nigga up, Lets Gooooo!... Lets Gooooo!

Out from the back to the pleasure of the fans walks Slade Craven and Shadow they stand out on the stage wearing the leisure ring gear; jeans, and A.K.A. T-shirts as well as their leather jackets, although Shadow's is a full duster, and they both have on their patented sunglasses as they stand their on the stage while Slade holds a microphone. He smiles as the music slowly dies down while they pace on the stage. Shadow stops and stands still looking down the ramp to the ring at D.W. Kendra. Slade paces for a moment, relishing in the fan response. They cheer madly and he smiles point to them as he looks down the ramp to D.W. Kendra as well. He doesn't speak yet though he takes his time as she takes in the Ass Kickers Anonymous' sudden appearance.

Chirs Murphy: Slade is scheduled to fight Jai Killa later this evening and now he is out here.

Craven starts to raise the mic to his lips but an overwhelming surge of cheers causes him to grin and his eyes to twinkle from behind the tinted lens. He takes another moment and lets the fans calm down before he raises the microphone once again to his lips.

Slade- Now, before we get to this, Slade must say he and Shadow played a wonderful game of rock, paper, scissors to see who would in fact be the focus of this interesting little bit that is about to take place right here right now on Saturday Night Danger!

The fans once again cheer at the top of their lungs as Slade stays at the top of the stage and so does Shadow who now has his arms folded across his chest.

Slade- First and foremost, "The Main Man" was sitting in the back, in his cozy little locker room when all of a sudden someone came out here and brought Sammy with him. Now before anything else is said Slade must spin a little story for all. Slade went to wrestling school with a boy named Samson, and it wasn't too long ago that after all their training was done and Slade Craven had been wrestling professionally for quite sometime that Samson or Sammy, dropped ole Craven on his head and then learned, that even with a concussion Slade Craven can whip ass Texas Style and leave a man laying. But that matter is not important right now, no Slade has a question... Who in his earthly green hell are you?

Craven stands there for a minute with his arm outstretched and hand motioning to D.W. Kendra who is still sitting in the ring, apparently hammer from all her beer because she said she'd drink it all and get drunk. So she sits there looking at Slade listlessly as he is silent and she raises her microphone to her lips and when she does Slade's hand goes from beckoning to a stop gesture.

Slade- No no, don't speak, for one Slade can smell your breath all the way over here, and two he knows who you are. D.W. Kendra, the newest wrestler to D.U.W. a woman on a mission and a woman who was not booked on the card here tonight because she just signed her contract. Well Slade says this, you want to come out here and demand an opponent, you want to show up and drink yourself to a point where actually getting in the ring with you would put yourself at risk as well as the person you are facing. Thats all fine and dandy. Slade Craven didn't come out here to fight, and neither did Shadow. We don't fight women.

He motions to him and his partner.

Slade- No. We are true Texans, we don't fight women. But we did come out here to say a few words. We wanted to welcome you to D.U.W, as well as wish you good luck. Because one day, maybe next year but more than likely the next Danger you will be booked against someone so the A.K.A. wants to wish you alls well to your debut match. But also, more importantly Slade Craven wants to correct a major injustice that has been done. Sam Adams is a terrible beer to drink. No you need...

Craven reaches into his coat pocket, as does Shadow and they pull out bottles that look almost identical to a Sam Adams. Instead the name is different they hold them up and the camera shows the name as Slade speaks.

Slade- Samuel Jackson beer. it will get you drunk. But then again if you can get drunk on a six pack of Sam Adams then you cannot hold your liquor. So Slade wants you to know that even though he and his tag team partner Shadow will not willingly set foot int he ring with you because of their morals they will offer an invitation for the next time you want to drink some beer. We are looking to open an office here where aside from wrestling we will sit in the back drink beer and relax. But that is later on down the line. No ma'am, but also as "The Main Man" and his friend Shadow head to the back where Slade will get ready to face Jai Killa tonight, we would like to tell everyone at home, as well as yourself, actually it seems you already have done this but: Please Drink Responsibly, meaning drink all you have so no minors can.

Trick Daddy's "Let's Go" kicks up again as Slade and Shadow smile putting the beers back into their pockets and Slade lowers the mic and they head backstage.
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The Bitch Is Here (Open RP)
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