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 my first rp in 5 months

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Mike Copani


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PostSubject: my first rp in 5 months   Fri Jun 13, 2008 6:26 am

First Promo

It is a windy, rainy day here in Newark and its pretty late out, with the traffic steadily moving along as if they have no where to go, Mike looks out on the traffic, he is wearing a black trench coat and pulls out a cell phone.

Mike:Sal, ya there i'm outside the club....

Salvatore "Sal" Bonsaperro:Yea, Mikey, sit tight we'll be there in a minute.

*Mike hangs up the phone and waits momentarily before a black BMW pulls up, complete with blacked out rims, and tinted windows.

Mike:HO! Ya made it I've been here for an hour Mickey!

Mick "Mickey Boy" Aiuppa:I've known for quite some time Mikey, now lets all go in and have us a sitdown shall we boys? We got real problems here and they need to be dealt it boys?

*The three men walk into the club and move their way into the back of the gentleman's club until they reach a door that says 'MANAGERS ONLY!'

Sal:Mikey, sit down here.We gotta lot to talk about so sit straight and keep ya ears perked got it?

Mike:Yes sir, Sally.

*Salvatore lights up a cigarette and puts in his mouth, he takes off his double-breasted suit and shoots pool and listens on into the conversation.

Mickey:So, how ya boys doin? Fine? Good, now shut up the both uh ya and we need to talk about that job on Cisco street, ya know the new Visa building?

*Mickey finds a radio and turns it up load as it blasts Frank Sinatra, Mickey pulls Sal and Mike close by him.

Mick:So, turns out we have us a man with a lot of stugots, Jew bastard refuses to supply us with the meds we ordered unless he get all this other bullcrap he wanted as a part of the deal, its all bullcrap sonny, this ain't no good thing Mikey, we can't lose money on this bullcrap.Now you took care of our friend right...?

*Mike gestures as if he doesn't know what he is talking about.

Mikey:The..uh..guy with the hat..*Mike gestures as if he has a hat on.

Sal:Ya know...the guy...the uh..."bada-beep-bada-boop..guy with the all the *Whistles* ..da-deem-da-da-doop?

Mike:..Yes sir do I say this lightly...cold feet...

*Sal grins and raises an eyebrow.

Mick:Allright then boys we gotta sort this mess out....

Sal:*Whispers* Can't believe the balls on this guy..he must think he's untouchable or some shit.

*Mick turns down the radio.

Mick:Cosė noi ci gotta un ratto Mikey ragazzo come si supponga che andremo a circa il nostro business..?

*Mike sighs and rubs his face and looks on and he stands up and swears in Italian.

Mike:Listen Mickey....*sighs..
Non so Mick forse bisognerebbe guardare in espandendo il nostro business venture altrove?

*Salvatore looks at Mike if he made a really bad joke, Salvatore glances at Mickey who does the same.

*Mickey picks up the phone and dials a number

*Mickey speaking to man on other line:
Ho un ragazzo che pensa che dovremmo smettere con il Meds, non turncoat, solo che abbiamo bisogno di spediti Venerdi!

*Mike steps out with Salvatore

Sal:It's best if you don't get in the way of Mickey, he is pissed he'll have your stugots if you don't come through with this Mikey.

Mike: know, I know, I'm doing our best but i have other opportunities ya know? Well, listen, I'm no dummy and...

*Mike is cut off by Mickey screaming

Io sono il tuo palle si fucking Ebreo madre fucker voi! Mi senti?
I will fuck up you, your family, and your goddamned grand children if you don't comply you mutha fucka you!

*Mickey slams down the phone and is very pissed.

*Mickey:Mike! You need to do me a favor and I'll pay big for this, go over to Lancaster st. and shut this muther fucka up for me ya hear? Now go see him, and shut em up okay? Proove that nobody fucks with Mick Aiuppa!! You do not make a move in Northern Jersey unless you got my fucking permission, that cocksucking cockroach! Bring em back here Mikey, don't kill em!

Mike:Are ya sure? I mean, I'll go see this bastard right now if ya want me to.

Sal:Listen Mike, I'll take you over there get in the car, I'll be out in a sec just wait till I'm done, gotta speak to old Mickey boy.

*Mike gets in the passenger's seat and lights up a cigarette and dreams about wrestling in DUW.

*Sal gets in the driver's seat and cracks the window.

Sal:Listen, Mickey is fucking paranoid, the boys about to get pinched again, the meds...they were being watched by the feds and now they are all over that crap like crazy and when he goes back to jail, he wants everybody to know that he's in control of his destiny, I mean the man's only 45 and has spent half his life behind bars, and he's going for a long time Mikey.Our boys in the NYPD say they've built up enough evidence on some RICO charge bullshit, and he could go for at least 25 to life and he wants his ruthlessness to be known on the streets, he's going away for a long time Mikey, and he was a good fucking earner, even behind bars. So we gotta do our best got it? He's trigga happy and isn't afraid to use it so we gotta keep this mick bastard under control, and you need to help out with his little problem.He's taking this very seriously and I'm afraid that he's gonna use the trigger on the wrong fella and bring all this shit down on us and we'll all get pinched, so its best if for the next few weeks you do as he says and listen to him and take him seriously...

*Sal lights a cigarette..

Mike:I understand but this,man..he's gone completely batso, whos going to be acting caporegieme? I mean I'm trying to get involved with that wrestling business, DUW, and I'm afraid this'll interfere with my dreams, after all this is a huge opportunity, not only for me, but for the family, Sal.

*Sal blows smoke out the window and turns on the radio.

Sal:The best way Mikey,is to get involved in some legitimate business, and thats good you're trying, and succeding, you;ve already signed the contract and everything, thats real good Mikey. geez you haven't even hit 30 yet..I've been underboss for 23 years now, I'm a 65 year old man, Mike, don't let the money go to ya head kid, when Jimmy told me you're getting involved in some kinda wrestling business and I was pleased to hear that as I've always known ya wanted to be a wrestler, since you were a baby, Mike.

Mike:Yeah, I am, its a really good opportunity..I swear..I've been trained and you know me, Sally, I love a fight and I'll be sure to give the guys a tribute you know I play fair.I'll pass up a regular tribute

Sal:Yea,Mikey I know its a good opportunity but c'mon on live TV with your rap sheet Mike....

Mike:know its batso but believe me this is another legitimate business that we get into, no more RICO charges against the family, believe me I've already talked to Don Jimmy..he's ok with it.

[b]*Sal puts Mike in a headlock...

Sal:Got ya now ya big prick!

*Sal lets go of the headlock..

Sal:[color=red]Wow I'm too old for this shit Mikey but you know we gonna look after you.

del corso di corso! Huh? didn't think I know we're gonna become completely legitimate someday Sally, I just

Sal*Throws the cigarette out of the window...I know Mikey boy..its what all Cosa Nostra hope for but its the damn feds these days, the goddamned RICO and all that bullcrap.But listen Michael, have a nice night I'll see ya later old men like me, gotta see a pair of titties once every week.

*They exchange glances..

Mike:I'll take ya word for it, take it easy Sally..

*Sal leaves and Mike begins to dream about his wrestling ventures..

*Mike steps out of the car and looks into the traffic once more while the rain comes down.

*Mike lights up a cigarette..takes a puff and blows into the air.

Mike:Mikey! Make the most outta your life, ya only have one so live it up and live your dream, make it a reality!...I am father..he blows smoke into the street once more as this scene fades to black......

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Mike Copani


Number of posts : 89
Age : 27
Location : boston
Registration date : 2008-04-12

PostSubject: Re: my first rp in 5 months   Fri Jun 13, 2008 6:27 am

i know this one barely has to do with wrestling but its to get a background check on my character
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my first rp in 5 months
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