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 Kash is back again!

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PostSubject: Kash is back again!   Tue Jun 03, 2008 9:01 am

burn in my light hits the pa system Kash comes walking out in a suit with a mic in his hand. He makes it all the way down to the ring and slides in.

><><>< JUSTIN KASH ><><><

It's been a long time since i been in this ring guys a real long time. I'm sorry I been away for a long time. I just came out of the hospital. You own Kash here almose died. But I didn't and right now I am standing in this very ring and im proud to be back. Now i know things have changed around here and I see that some things have changed alot. Dave come down here, you need to tell me what has changed and we need to talk about when next DUW XTREME VIOLENCE show will be held next.

Kash stands there waiting.
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Kash is back again!
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