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 New Place...A old face

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PostSubject: New Place...A old face   Wed May 21, 2008 12:39 am

..::It was starting to get late, suns been down for a while, to the point where the chill in the air became a cold sting against the skin of anyone foolish enough to still be wandering around outside. Still, the beauty of it all was obvious, with the slight breeze picking up from the east, and the faint wisps of the darkened clouds doing their best to hide the moon from sight. Had that horror movie feel to it. Far below, the deserted parking lot of the was sitting in silence, the shaded outline of various vehicles sitting motionless in their designated spots, their owners no doubt inside the building getting ready for the next event of the night. But there was one vehicle in the lot tonight that differed from the others. A new sight. Parked in an empty spot at the corner of the lot, away from the majority, was a metallic-red corvette, year '84, from the look of it. Inside, a single figure sat behind the wheel, peering through the windshield at the staff entrance of the arena. After a couple of moments, the driver-side door of the car opened, and figure stepped out into the crisp air, letting out a quiet exhale against the first of the chill to sweep his skin.::..

..::He was not a big man, maybe six-foot at the most, save for an inch or two extra, think Iverson, yea they got him at 6‘4 but that’s being generous. A baseball cap bearing the S logo was pulled low on his head, the bill folded into a perfect curve, hiding his face for the moment as he turned and leaned down to retrieve something from the passenger seat. It was a black duffel bag. Slinging it over his shoulder, the man shut the door and turned toward the arena, sliding his free hand into the pocket of his Carpenter jeans as he made his way inside.::..

--Jump ahead in time folks…gotta love TV magic--

..::An hour or so later, the newcomer found himself wandering the numerous hallways that made up the back-stage areas of the arena. This was nothing like he was used to. This place made the Sanitarium look like a kiddie-pool by comparison, and it was enough of a shock to make him wonder if it was such a smart idea to accept the offer he'd been made. Now without his cap, it was easier to make out some of the man's features, such as his dark sienna-blond hair, short and slicked-back. His eyes Ice blue that caught the lights without fail anytime he lifted his head to nod and smile at one of the staff members walking by. A short black leather jacket hung from wide-set shoulders, the front open to expose an un-tucked sateen dress-shirt of metallic-blue, the hem falling over the waistband of his jeans with quite some length to spare. The pockets were wide, and deep enough to hide his hands entirely as he turned the corner, and almost knocked over a poor woman coming from the other direction.::..

"Ah fuck! Sorry, babe...I really should have watched where I was going”

..::Flashing her an embarrassed smile, the Kid nodded, and started off down the corridor again. Behind him, the young woman composed herself, and turned to glance back over her shoulder, narrowing her eyes a moment before wheeling and starting after him.::..

Lady: "Um...E-Excuse me...Fella? Is there...Something you needed help with? I'm sorry, but, I don't quite recognize you, and I thought I knew just about everyone here. My name is April Green, I'm one of the reporters with Wrestling undefended. And...You are?"

..::Pausing in his tracks, the fella turned and offered a slanted smile, his eyes betraying his attempt at appearing shy and uncertain.::..

“It couldn‘t hurt. I‘m the new blood on the block...And I think I might be lost. I was offered a spot at in the DUW...A couple of nights ago, and I thought I'd get here early and you know test the waters a bit, stir the pots a little, you know that type of bullshit”

April Green: "Oh! A newbie! In that case, welcome to the DUW. And don't worry, I'm sure you'll do just fine here, we all get a little lost sometimes, even me. Did you already find the locker rooms and places like that?"

"You get lose? Wouldn‘t believe it, bet it has something to do with your blond locks. But no worries on the whole lockeroom situation already been there and found that. By the way names Johnny Stylez, you can call me SBK if you like”

..::Extending her hand, Stylez offered a simple smile that only grew when he kissed the hand of April, being the true Casanova that he is. Turning to look over her shoulder, April brought her attention back to Stylez, and started down the hallway.::..

April Green: "Well, come on and follow me, and I'll see if I can't give you a two dollar tour of the place. Its pretty simple. We have the locker rooms and the back-stage areas, you'll find a lot of the superstars around here most of the time. We have a lounge and a cafeteria up near the front offices where the executives do their business. And then of course there's the arena itself, at the center of the building. Have you seen it yet?"

..::Shaking his head, Stylez fell into step beside the young woman, taking in the surroundings as they made their way along the winding corridors. He noticed a couple of other roster-members up the hallway, something-or other and one other guy who's name he couldn't place yet. Either way, he was following April around a corner when he remembered something.::..

"Uh, Babe, where do they post the cards? I was told that it was possible I might be starting as soon as the very next show, and I don't want to make a bad impression just in case I am."

April: "We usually keep it posted up by the front offices. Here, I'll show you."

..::After a couple more turns, Stylez found himself in front of what had to be the executive offices. Either that, or the big talent here ended up with suites for locker rooms. In any case, his attention was on the piece of paper posted outside the door. The Next card hasn’t been posted yet, but no worries he knew it was only a matter of time before he would be stealing the show::..

..::A faint smirk crossed Stylez lips as he studied the paper a moment longer just picturing who his debut foe could be, feel pretty bad for that poor fucker, and finally just turned around and started back down the hallway, pausing just long enough to glance back over his shoulder.::..

"Um, how would I get to the stage entrance from here?"

April: "Just keep following this hallway. You'll pass by the lounge on your right side, keep on going and you should see the access alcove on your left. I don't know if anyone will be out there, though. The show isn't for a few more days."

"Oh, I know. Good looking out Babe."

..::Turning back around, Stylez started off in the directions April had explained, making sure to get the attention of a camera-man on his way to the stage entrance. While April stood in her place and yelled:..

April: Welcome to the DUW

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New Place...A old face
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