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 "Persuasian" Blake Straker

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Angel of Disease


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PostSubject: "Persuasian" Blake Straker   Fri May 16, 2008 3:42 am

The scene opens with a shot of what appears to be the night sky and light grey clouds cascading across it. The image quickly speeds up and the clouds blow past and past and the image begins to fade lighter and lighter and burn until it returns and it is the day time.

The camera shifts slowly downward and a man in leather pants and wearing a black bandanna and thick, dark aviator shades stands atop a huge orange, almost rust colored rock in a pose that brings about images of Captain Morgan. His dark, nearly black hair blows slightly, but not too much, and he sports a number of tattoos up his arms and on his chest.

The camera fixes in on his face with a close up and the mysterious figure looks downward and is once again put in black and white and the colors are reversed and we pan back slightly. The colors flash back and forth between and normal and this style a few times and then he finally addresses the camera that is begging to know much more.

Mysterious Figure:
You'd love for me to stand here, on this rock, and give you all the easy answers to your numerous questions. Open up like a book and allow you to turn the pages at your very leisure. But unfortunately for you, I'm not that easy to read and I'm not going to pander to your way of thinking.

The man hops off the rock and begins to walk down further into the desert.

Mysterious Figure:
I started all of this innocent enough. I had a lot of fun in my earlier days. I wanted what all of you wanted, and acted how all of you acted. I thought exactly like each... and every... one of you. But time passed and the politics reigned supreme and I was sent into seclusion, realizing that all I had was myself... and I didn't know who or what that was.

I know who I am now. I know what I am now. I know each of you... all of you... utterly and completely.

I am the shaman of the new age... I am Blake Straker... I can stalk you, I can smell you, I can feel your warmth and sense your desires and not even be caught in the glimpse of your eyes. Once you see me, once you know what I am, I can overpower you completely and persuade you absolutely. I will defeat you, inevitably, because my charm is uncontrollable and without end.

You want to put an end to my madness? You want drive me away and send me back to the hole from under which I crawled from? Heh... heh... well that's a long, long drive and I don't think you got the gas. But that's okay, you won't be going down that road very far if you try to go down it, because even if you were to take matters into your own hands, I have a way with people that makes them change their minds.

It's called violence, and it solves 10 out of 10 of my grievances.

If you think you are above all of this, well, just beware. I am "The Lizard King" and I... can do anything.

Straker removes his sunglasses and tilts his head slightly as we go back to the distorted negative image that overcame him before and the scene fades.
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"Persuasian" Blake Straker
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