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 'The Great' Milenko

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PostSubject: 'The Great' Milenko   Sat Mar 29, 2008 1:46 am

Real Name: Cory Allen
Wrestlers Name:Milenko
Wrestlers Nickname: The NecroMaster
Hometown: Sebastian, FL
Billed From:The Dark Carnival

Appearance:Milenko wears black and white ICP clown makeup to the ring.
-----------Hair color/length:Shoulder length black hair
-----------Eye color: Black
-----------Facial Hair:None
-----------Ring Attire:Black Tights
-----------Backstage Attire:Calf length black shorts and a black trench coat
-----------Physical Features: muscular
-----------Tattoos: none

Gimmick: Milenko has the power to appear in the ring during his entrance when the lights go out. He seem impervious to the pain his opponents try to inflict on him. He clouds hi opponents mind with evil desires of greed and hate in a last-ditch effort to turn them from the path of righteousness. If they give in, they will be cast down into Hell's Pit.
Strength/Weakness: Strengths/ Mind games, Brawling and lifting weights Weaknesses/ Technical wrestling, Left Knee injury and His temper
Trained By: The ICP

Brief History: Not much is known about Milenko. He looks like he is about 20 years old. He was a member of FSP before they all but shut down. He is currently in WZCW, E.W. and APW

Title History:none

Entrance Music:Great Milenko-ICP
Entrance description:His music starts but he doesn't come out right away(Undertaker) after a little bit he starts slowly walking to the ring. the whole time he's walkingto the ring his eyes never leave is opponent.

Finishers: Main: Set Up: drop kick to the knees Main:The Murder-Go-Round (Buzz Saw Kick)
Secondary: The Tempest (pedigree from the top rope)

15 Most used moves:
3)Samoan Drop,
4)Punches to the face
5)Huge Boot
7)Sidewalk Slam
Cool Bicycle Kick
9)Head butt
10)European Uppercut
11)Top Rope Flying Clothesline
12) Spear
13) Spinebuster
14) neckbreaker
15) Kitchen Sink (Knee to gut)

Sample RP:
The camera turns on and we see Milenko, but instead of walking by himself he is standing in the shadows at a neighborhood park. He looks at the camera and starts talking.

Milenko: I used to play here as a child. I would try to play games that normal children played like tag and hide-n-seek. MOre often than not I wasn't picked at all and when I was it was last. No matter if I was picked or not I would usually get beat up by the older kids while the younger ones stood in a circle cheering and laughing at me. When it was over I would walk home all dirty and bloody.

Milenko walks away and the camera focuses on the park as it fades to black.

The camera turns on again and we see Milenko staring at a modest 2 story house.

Milenko: Home, I hated growing up here. My father was hardly ever there and when he was he was always drunk. Most of the time when he wasn't passed out on the couch he would beat my mother for no reason. Because she was afraid of him she took her anger out on me. Because she was beaten by my father she would in turn beat me and refuse to feed me. I didn't even have a normal bedroom. What I had was a cot in the basement with a thin sheet instead of a blanket. I ran away when i was 13 years old. My parents never bothered looking for me.

Milenko stares at the house for a few seconds and thern turns and walks away as the camera fades to black.

The camera turns on again and we see Milenko, but instead of being by himself he is in what seems to be an abandoned warehouse and it is full of people who appear to live on the streets.

Milenko: (talking to the crowd of people surrounding him) So, I arrived in EW just in time for the Gold Rush Tournoment. I want the entire locker room to know that it doesn't matter who my opponent is or what match I'm in. I am full of enough anger and hate to be able to beat anyone they can throw at me.

The crowd of people start cheering and the camera shows an insane glimmer in his eyes and an evil smile on his lips before fading to black.

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Dave Johnson

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PostSubject: Re: 'The Great' Milenko   Sat Mar 29, 2008 1:49 am

Welcome man, thanks for joining.

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'The Great' Milenko
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