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 The Killaz

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Jack Killa


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PostSubject: The Killaz   Sat Apr 26, 2008 7:07 pm

Tag Team Name: The Killaz

Tag Team Nick Name: "The Killaz Of DUW"

Tag Team Members: Jack and Jai Killa

Combined weight: 446 lb

Hometown: Nesquehoning, pennsylvania

Tag Team Manager (If you don't have a manager then leave this blank):

Alignment (Face, Tweener, Heel): Heel

Gimmick: Two arrogant brothers with an "I'm better than you" kind of attitude.

Fighting Style i.e, Brawlers, High Flyers etc: Jai is a highflyer and Jack is more of the hardcore type.

Entrance (as you would like it to be written in results):

*The crowd boos loudly as The Killaz's entrance music plays on the PA system. Jack Killa, wearing a long black jacket and his replica of the Dangerous Championship around his waist walks onto the stage with Jai Killa, wearing a long, white coat and a pair of black sunglasses. Jack looks out at the crowd with a big smile on his face as Jai keeps a straight face. Jai taps Jack's back and murmers something to him. Jack nods and they both look at each other, and then both men raise there rms in the air with there hand in the "rockstar" position as a large barrage of fireowrks goes off behind them. Jai smiles and arrogantly and insults some of the members of the crowd as Jack unbuckles his title and places it over his shoulder. Jack and Jai arrogantly walk down the ramp as they threaten the booing fans and talk to each other. Jai and Jack slide into the ring, and Jai quickly gets on his feet and waits in the middle of the ring as Jack rubs his title for good luck. When Jack gets on his feet, they both climb different turnbuckles and raise there arms in the air with there hands in the "rockstar" position again. They both then hop down as there entrance music stops playing and they await there opponent*

Entrance Music:

A remix of "Science" by System Of a Down and "Remedy" by Seether

Signature Moves (Up to 5):
1. Jai irish whips the opponent towards Jack, who spears the opponent.

2. Jack spears the opponent while the opponent is resting on the turnbuckle and stays in the position where his shoulder is at the opponents gut. Then, Jai runs toward Jack, steps off of his back and jumps off of his back and lands on the opponents shoudlers. Jai begins stomping on the opponent's shoudlers as he stand on them and then hops off as soon as Jack lets go of the hold.

3. Jack places the opponent in a position for for a suplex. As the opponent stays up, Jai quickly climbs the turnbuckle and jumps off to connect a flying cross body attack as Jack slams the opponent down, connecting the suplex.

4. Jack runs toward the opponent that is resting on the turnbuckle and gives him a bog boot, and then irish whips him towards Jai who flapjacks the opponent onto the top of the turnbuckle.

5. Jack puts the opponent in an Oklahoma Slam position and slams the opponents head on Jai's knee.

Finisher Moves (Up to 3):
1. Mass Murder(Jack puts the opponent in an electric chair slam posisition where the opponent sits on his shoulders and stands near the turnbuckle that Jai climbs. Once Jai reaches the top rope, he jumps off and grabs the opponents head to execute a flying RKO as Jack slams the opponent on the mat as he sits down)

2. The Killaz Bomb(Jai sets the opponent up for a Killa-Bomb as Jack grabs the opponents neck, and as Jai slams the opponent on the mat Jack connects a falling neckbreaker*

3. The Killa Drill(Jackgrabd the opponent legs and flapjacks him, and as the opponent falls Jaijumps and grabs the opponent's head and connects an RKO at the same time
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Dave Johnson

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PostSubject: Re: The Killaz   Sun Apr 27, 2008 10:21 am

Sweet, a Tag Team!!!
Good luck with it guys.

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The Killaz
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